If you would give your wife a knife....

HA HA HA! Knives is our jewelery.

Anyway, I'd give my wife a Wild Thing.

oh wait...I'm not married.

I just got mygirlfriend a Victorinox Midnight Messenger from SMKW. I was going to get her a Spydie Firefly, but they sold out of those (they were $8.99!).

If you haven't seen this knife, it is pretty cool. It is like a very thick Vic Classic, with a small led flashlight, a pen that slides out partway so you can use the whole body of the knife as a handle, scissors, blade, file w/ screwdriver tip, and bottle opener with phillipshead tip.

Of course, I had to pick one up for me too. I am starting to need more keys to go with my keyring knives...

Anyways, she likes it pretty well.

My wife hates knife
but she loves her La Griffe...

Strange world.

Well, my wife said she needed a knife to use at work so I gave her a SAK but that was not good enough so then I gave her a Spyderco Merlin and she carries both everyday! Now she wants a MOD Lady Hawk, I've created a monster!
Geez... How could I forget. My wife carries a Schrade CH7 liner lock 3.5 inch partially serrated with quick detach lanyard and thumb stud on her key chain and a french folder with single 4 inch clip blade and cork screw (she's French) in her purse. I think I sometimes block out folders, being a fixed blade guy.

Ron Ruppé
My first task is to convince my wife that scissors are not the universal cutting tool for all jobs. She currently would open a pair of scissors and drag one edge along a box top to open it. Once I pass this hurdle, then I will likely start her with a Spidie Delica. (hmmm...I think knife in hand is required to get over the hurdle)
One day my Microtech SOCOM DA will be gone and I'm sure I'll find it in my girlfriends waistband (perhaps next to my Sebenza).

Take care of your knives, wives & girlfriends and keep them sharp !

after i'm done with remodeling the L-udt
i've been working on it WILL belong to my wife(she said) It will have MOP inlayed handles with a satin finish blade and scales.
she likes my brend damascus models 2's
(she ain't gettin it)
the misses also has a small SAK with a red lite on it a nail file,small blade,scissors,and a tooth pick, on her keys

In her car a large cheap brass thing that unscrews to reveil and 5'' blade
(it's better to be used as a club an a knife)
I didn't have to give my wife a knife. She simply took it. One day, it was there, the next, I couldn't find my micarta Calypso Jr. to save my life. I went to my mini Stryker for carry, and then spotted it clipped inside the front pocket of her purse while at the grocery store. I'm glad she thinks the Calypso looks classy, since if she tried that with my small Sebenza, we'd need to have a talk.

PS. I always know when it needs sharpening or cleaning up, since she "trades" the Calypso for by Sebenza on the nightstand until I can get to it. The little sneak. Gotta love her.
I've said this before but....
I'm getting my wife a damascus bladed DR folder for xmas (Ti handle with abalone insert). She's always wanted a "pretty" one.

Of course, I myself am getting a damsacus bladed A.T. knife for xmas! (DR steel)

A. Dale McLean
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Your wives must be asleep too! My wife, newly wed, encourages my knife collecting...she'll ever weather a S. FL gun show with all the militants gawking at her. She deserves something nice...maybe a MOD LadyHawk! I don't know if it's me or her who would like it, she did buy me micro mini for a wedding pres...I think I owe her!

PS The mag. Tactical Knives?.. has an article about women carrying knives...check it out!

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I started her off small with a little SAK for the key ring, this was replaced with a Micra last Christmas (lots of people got them from me last Christmas- especially as i got them from the US for about $19.50 and they are in the shops over here for between $40 to $50 so it looked like a much more expensive present

I just ordered her a orange handled Spyderco Rescue Jnr yesterday for Christmas this year as an emergency knife for the car.

She also carries my old SOG Paratool in the glovebox.
My wife has been carrying a couple of SAKs in her purse for years (one of the first knives I bought more than 1 of). But until recently, I couldn't get her to touch anything else. Then, out of the blue, when I asked if she would like the BM Mini-Stryker I'd just traded for, she said "OK" and it disappeared.
Now she keeps it clipped to her coat pocket or waistband everyday. Who knew ?
When my ex was still my wife, I got her a Gerber EZ out. She carried it faithfully, and was very sad when she lost it one day. I got her another. There is someone at the Bujinkan Atlanta Dojo who sometimes makes custom knives, and she was determined to have a...well, I'm not sure how to describe it, other than as an abreviated dagger made of G10.

When I saw her a week or two ago, the Gerber was on her side, and the G10 piece was in her purse...Now, if she'll just decide to start training again!

Wow x wives that used to train got two of those, one was a dancer the other a bi**h, the latter one has a boker top lock and apache come to think of it a taurus snub .38 also does any one know of one that cuts off the check writing hand upon first use, money is no object. heh heh lol sigh mike