In Case You Were Wondering

love the explorer...but you spoiled it with the raiders decal... aren't you from wisconsin? I would expect a green bay logo as all you cheese heads are die harders - got to respect the dairy state. but I guess I would prefer raiders to bears...that would never fly in WI. (I lived in WI for 5 years)

You know those bumper stickers that say "Yankee by birth, Rebel by choice"? It's kind of like that :D The Raiders logo is a static-cling-on thing, no harm to the finish. That one has the thickest body (mahogany) and neck (maple, hand-rubbed oil finish by me on the back) I've ever seen on an Explorer. It positively growwwwwls ;>

Re: hearing loss... 20 years of standing in front of either a wailing stack or a roaring press has definitely taken its toll, even though I always ear plugs at work. Although the little woman says it only seems to affect me when she wants me to do something...
My couch often supports three of my favorite things too (I doubt anyone would want to see a pic of them though :D ).