INFI Contest Winners!

Jerry Busse

Aug 20, 1999
Congratulations to the first 4 posters to name the rather unique ingredient, NITROGEN, in a single guess! The winners are Rob Simonich, Bagman, Bob Irons, and Ugly Jim! Great work boys! We’ll be contacting you by e-mail within the next week.

We at Busse Combat have had a great time with this and want to thank all of the forum members who participated. Sorry I wasn’t able to post immediately at 11:00 p.m. but I had lots of answers to wade through.

A little bit more about INFI.
Carbon makes up approximately .50 with Nitrogen hitting the .11 mark. The nitrogen combines with some of the other elements and enables INFI to deliver enormous levels of toughness and excellent wear resistance at high hardness. The relative ease of re-sharpening has, likewise, become one of its hallmarks.

Thanks again,

Jerry Busse
Busse Combat Knife Co.
Thanks, Jerry, for a little education along with the contest. One question. How do you stand on cryogenics?
WOW! Thanks Jerry. This was a very interesting thread and contest. There was some science behind my guess but I must say that it was still a guess. I came to the Nitrogen conclusion due to the metals seem to have been covered, and the test that ET did didnt cover non metallics. Nitrogen has been used extensively in the steel industry for such things as case hardening, or nitriding steels to increase hardness and toughness. Well, I guess I am a lucky boy! I am looking forward to the Mean Street! Thanks for a great contest Jerry, and cant wait to see what is next in your alchemy projects!

PS, Jerry, want to trade the Mean Street for a bar of INFI so I can make myself a knife and have you heat treat it?

Congrats to the winners. If any of you want to sell it, please contact me as I have been trying to buy one of these for a while but can't seem to find one and don't want to wait.

Check my website for nice old Harley pictures
E-mail me at

I started doing shallow cryo. with dry ice and acetone as an accelerator, in 1984. We have used deep cryogenics for the past several years. We cryo our blades in a dry, controlled atmosphere. This allows us to take them down to temp. at a very slow rate (10 hours) and hold them down there for a long period of time (48 hours) and then bring them back up slowly (10 hours). They are then normalized with a low temp. oven temper. All in all we do a little over 80 hours of heat treating and tempering. The dry atmosphere with long cycle times has really paid off for us in the performance department.

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Hi All,

Congratulations to the winners!

Mr. Busse, excuse me for this shameless plug but I wanted to direct your attention to my questions concerning your products in the non-specific manufacturer these questions, I would like to add: do your INFI blades have the "ceramic coating" you have used on other steels? what colour is INFI (some pics show it as black while others show it as shiny metal...I have yet to have the good fortune of inspecting one "in the flesh"). I look forward to your input (and hopefully one of your knives

Alas the secret is out! Almost.....

I guess the Nitrogen in INFI is the best secret I have kept in a long time. Although there is still some secret left as Jerry let out the ingredient without letting you know how he gets in in there. Maybe another little side contest for that one with no real prize.

Now that I have very few secrets left anyone want to know about secret USAF aircraft/spacecraft?

Kelly Johnson's ghost is not allowed in that one

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
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I'm crying, I was second with nitrogen
Jerry, do you trying add boron? In my commentaries is boron as great alloying element for steel with small quntity of carbon (up to 0.8wt.%C), quantity of boron 0.002-0.08wt.%.
WOW I have won a knife I can't belive it. Thanks a million

I was looking on a web site about some knives that H&K have made (or had made for them) out of the steel that they use for their barrels and saw nitrogen in the make up so thought why not.


Jerry can you please use my work email to contact me on

I am on holiday from Friday until thursday next week so do not think I am being rude if I do not reply straight away

I have just looked at the knife on your site and it looks great, will it be posible to get a left handed sheath please?

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Greetings RL,

Busse Combat Knives does NOT use a ceramic coating on the knives, they are POWDER COATED. I own a Steel Heart & a Badger Attack, neither of them have a ceramic coating. You would be much better off going with a custom knife maker. As for me, I will NEVER buy mass produced knives again.

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for your prompt reply...since those are the two knives I am the most interested in, I would greatly appreciate it if you could email me ( so I could ask you more questions directly.


Thanks for the contest even though I didn't get a knife. I got an education instead.

I met you at the blade show, along with several thousand other people, and you took time to talk to a guy that was "just looking"
at your knives. You and your staff at the booth listened and gave advice about your knives.

Wow! Thanks a million, Jerry (I just hope there isn't another Ugly Jim on BladeForums
)! I guess fortune sometimes smiles on dumb guys like me. I wish I could claim that my guess was based on a carefully considered analysis of the manufacturing process, but it was largely just a WAG. I was kind of thinking that some nitrogen might be introduced during the cryogenic treatment, but since I have little or no knowledge of metallurgy it was really just a blind stab.

Once again, thanks for the knife and a terrific contest!

Jim (chuckling maniacally)
Congradulation's to all!...I'll win something one of these day's. Guess I'll just have to buy mine until then.

"War to the knife and knife to the hilt"

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Wow! Great contest. I'd like to say 'thanks' to Mr. Busse for both starting it, and for also encouraging it buy putting up three additional prizes.

Also, this intros into two questions I had about the new Busse Basics. What's the difference (as far as what you'll tell) between "Modified INFI" and INFI? Also, is there a blade coating on the Basic 9?

Again, thanks much, and Congrats to all the winners.
Congratulations Bob, how’d you get that? I got out of organic chemistry by the skin of my teeth, C-. Now we really do need another meeting of the Order of the DC Knife Knut’s, LTD. I’ll be ready for some trading, don’t forget your Busse.

I was gonna guess that!!! ROFLMAO, WTF, Nitrogen!!! You guys are geniouses! hehe, congrats to all the winners!!!

What exactly did you win, a Battle Mistress?

I need a bigger bucket.
Congratulations to all the winners and a round of applause to Jerry Busse for his generosity in sponsoring the contest and creating INFI.
Nitrogen? The winners deserve their prizes for guessing that one.
Hats off to all.

Stay safe and all the best, Phil <----<