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Introducing myself

Oh, so that is how you play baseball with a jacknife. I just figured you meant you were the cutoff man.

Simonich, you dang newbie!!!
Registered October 3rd?

Check this out: Date Registered: 02 October 1998


Duckin' and runnin'


Live Free or Die

Could not imagine this forum being lead by two finer people.
We most likely have something in common besides the love of knives.......Our hair lines!!!!!!!!
Best of Luck!
Neil Blackwood
Hi Bob,
Glad you took the bait. Did Mike tell you yet that you don't get paid in excess inventory? Good luck.


Gee Guys! Talk about your warm welcome <blush>... Thanks! Never expected this. Just took a que from Les and thought an intro would be in order what with so many new folks.

Then there's my man Bill McWilliams. Indeed he posted a picture here before that he tried to pass off as me. We were all having a lot of fun in the opening months and a forumite (aka rogues) gallery was attempted. Before he dredges up some other craziness, here's a link to a 1-31-99 post with a genuine image. Be warned, it ain't all that pretty


-=[Bob Allman]=-

I did NOT escape from the institution! They gave me a day pass!

BFC member since 3 Oct 98
AKTI membership pending
VHA and NRA member

Congrats. I look forward to discussing knife stuff and trading stories about our sharp hobby.