Is the Starmate still being made?


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Nov 28, 1999
I always liked that model, but never got to where I was happy with the 440V. Is this still being made; and if not, can Spyderco start making these with S30V blades?
I'm with Danbo. Great question. Last time I checked looking for one I was told it was out of production. :(
I spoke recently with a representative of Spyderco with that exact question, actually about a Carbon Fiber and S30V Starmate( would be great), She said they have no plans at this time to do it.
Carlos is on the money. The C55 Starmate was released in 1999 and discontinued late 2000 early 2001. We have no plans to re-release at this time.

Personally this is one of my favorite models and Bob T's design is flawless IMO. Bought one in 1999 to see for myself what all the chatter was about with Crucible steel. That evening I ordered a pizza, which we opened up on the dining room table and I cut with the Starmate. After slicing the pizza I picked it up by the box and found I'd cut through the pizza, through the box and about a 1/8" into my dining room table. Ended up with a big heap of cardboard, pizza and varnished wood fragments. I've sharpened it several times and it still is ready for another go at my furniture.

Joyce @ Spyderco
The Starmate was one of Spyderco's best knives. I loved that knife.
:) Great story Joyce, thanks for sharing it with us. It reminds me of the tale my nephew told me about a similar occurance...

I had given him his first Spydie - my beloved fully serrated s/s Police model, and had just freshly sharpened it on the sharpmaker. He went camping with his friends and eagerly approached a 24 pack of Old Milwaukee in cans to open for everyones enjoyment. Well, as he "Spyder-dropped" open the Police and quickly slashed along the top of the case, the foam spewed everywhere! After the mist had cleared, it was determined that he had cut through the box and an entire row of eight full cans of beer! Fortunately, being a quick thinking lad I am told he tossed a spraying can to the closest seven people and grabbed one himself to "save" what they could from each injured can.

Isn't that a great story? ;)

Best wishes, Jeff/1911.

I was able to put my pawns back on a old (number 776)
Starmate which came back to me after a season in hell.
It has never been resharpen. The edge was a mess.
Two screws are missing on the handle.
The blade got play in all direction. but no lock failer.
God it was really dirty. Some impacts on G-10 to...
It was in very very bad condition.

This one has been used in a big tour around the world...
(4 years)

now after two hours wirking on it, it's clean and sharp as hell.
I was able to put back to razor sharpness in less than 5 minutes !!!
I changed the clip. CLeaned it.
Now it's ready for more ! The lock is strong and there is no more play.

But now it will stay in my pocket.
It's like an old tomcat going home after years of wandering...

You can figure how high is the quality of Spyderco folders !:eek:


Ok, Sal's a reasonable guy. Maybe if we all plead like little kids, he will produce a run of S30V Starmates. Please, Sal? :)
Wait....BG42 and D2 are on the block. EITHER STEEL PLEASE! Also, tip down like a real Terzulola too? Thanks!
I would love to see a run of S30V Starmates. Everyone once in a while you can still find one of the old ones, but they are gettting harder to find.
Yep, this was one of the best Spyderco ever put out. Better than the Military for me. I am happy to say I still have one in exelent condition. I think bringing this one back would be a masters stroke one Spyderco's part. Even now, a few years later, there are few knives on the marked that match it. Just make the blade 1mm thinner and it would become the best production tactical folder (bar the sebensa) on the marked.

So how about a special run with CF grips and a RWL34 blade (you know you want to test this material ;) ).

I think I will carry my Starmate today. All this talk makes me glad I have one to carry. :)

I'd love to see the Starmate back in production with any one of the steels mentioned. However, I'd love to see it made with with the modifications that former BFC member Corduroy (Drew Gleason) used to make to it. Many original BFC members probably remember these mods. Hopefully someone can provide a pic. My Corduroy Starmate was probably my EDC longer than any other knife I've owned.

Drew cut out the locking liner and G10 scale to match the finger cutout in the front scale. He also filed some grooves on the perimeter of the liner cutout to make unlocking it easier. I also had him add a couple of extra traction notches on the thumb ramp for a more secure grip. The 440V steel was too brittle for my tastes though.

IMHO these mods and a new steel would make the Starmate one of the all-time great EDC knives - thin, light, strong, with one of the sharpest production edges in existence.
It's a great knife!