• Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all of you! Thanks for your continued support and I hope that your holiday season is a blessed one.

it's that time of the year,WHAT'S ON YOUR X-MAS LIST?

Jul 14, 2000
or chanukka(sp?) list?

well...lets here it!
i've been looking around at 1sks and theres some knives that are looking pretty good.of course i could go with something custom...

thiking about an arclite (for 20 bucks!!!),maybe something from kershaw or cammilus.maybe a livesay or an Ogg.

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Kershaw Ricochet to compliment the Random Task I have already.

Arclite for sure! Gotta call Blade Tech about the carry system.

LCC though don't know whether the DA is enough of a benefit to warrant cost and future repairs.

Valois belt blade system!

My Birthday is coming up a few days after Thanksgiving which should help as I plead my case to the wife as well!


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Disco Stu

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i agree disco stu,
ive spent a lot of time gawking at these,maybe its time to add one to my list..
Heh, that's easy. EdgePro. It's expensive enough that I'm having a hard time justifying purchasing it for myself, but it's one of those things I'd love to have and probably wind up using at least once a day
Originally posted by Disco Stu:

"Actually sound is something that is created within the ear. The ear is a receiver for the potential sound. Hundreds of radio waves are constantly around us, but we must have a receiver to create the sound. If you are in the woods and raising a fuss then you are creating potential sound. Of course your ears are receivers and if you're not an atheist then you must believe that God hears it as well!
So, on that premise you are always making sound."
hmmm . . .
I already received an Ed Caffrey EBK for an "early" Christmas present. Perhaps I can persuade the collective family unit to donate to the knife fund. Or maybe I should just save up until the Badger knife show in spring. Perhaps:

- a Dave Rilke friction folder?
- a small Dozier?
- something by Chuck Hawes?
- a CRKT Ti Mirage?
- a Spyderco Vesuvius, once it arrives?
I'm thinking either Mini Socom or Al MAr Sere 2000. I think I'll make the Al MAr the first choice. The wife has said that she wants to buy me a special knife that I will carry with me all the time. Get me a lobster bib quick!

Peter Atwood
Here's what I want from Santa.
  1. CR LH Sebenza
  2. CR Aviator
  3. Leatherman Wave
  4. Gerber Pack Axe
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Bimmer1, it was really more of an exercise in philosophical humor. But um...thank you for clearing that up.
a couple of new ones

1)anything randall-went to ag russel today,picked one up,ahh-im in love,not sure of the particular model,but i want it!
2)kershaw avalanche-sweet knife.nuff said.
3)al-mar sere.the lightweights didnt impress me.but that sere-whoo!solid knife.

i just doubt my paretn are willing to fork over the hundreds of sdollars all these would cost...oh well,i can dream cant i?
When I go home for vacation I will be visiting one of Santa's elves shops. Well, this elf lives on the North Shore of Oahu, and likes to shoot guns. Oh well, still looking forward to my Mayo TNT.


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I'm asking for a concealex sheath from CS Special Projects / Blade Tech for my Kukri. That and my two front teeth. I haven't really been that good this year though...

Originally posted by Disco Stu:
Bimmer1, it was really more of an exercise in philosophical humor. But um...thank you for clearing that up.

"No problem. I was bored. Can't you tell. I keep telling myself that six years of college is good for something!"

A Microtech Mini SOCOM Tanto & SOG Vision Folder are on my list.
BM 910
BM 722
Maybe a custom next year....haven't decided who's yet.

Oh, Maurice.....
Your "special" Christmas gift will be coming soon, over at W&C....be sure & watch for it.
Spyderco Paring Knife
Spyderco 440V Native
Spyderco Chinook

Maybe BM M2 AFCK or Spyderco Moran.

I will have ye 440V...again.