It's Y2K and you have only 3 knives

Aug 24, 1999
It's Y2K and you have only 3 knives.

Your future might be wilderness survival, urban defense, tilling the soil, shaving, fixing things, building things, hunting and skinning, trapping, cutting rope and cable, or anything else. You don't know.

The world has gone to pieces and you have 3 knives to get you by.

What are they?

I don't want my children fed or clothed by the state, but I would prefer THAT to their being educated by the state.
I would keep one knife and trade the other two for a hammer and a shovel. If I can find some scrap metal, I can always learn to make knives on my own.

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Ontario machete, Livesay ICU (or GH 15" khukuri), and Spyderco Military.

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Dang, that really snuck up on me - I hadn't even done my Christmas shopping yet. Guess I was overly optimistic in predicting that society would continue as normal, too...

So, from what I've got lying around, I guess I'd take the 15" "Combat Machete," for big chores that might involve the neighbors, the Blackjack Model 5 Subhilt Skinner (aka "Big Dave Subhilt") for day-to-day stuff, and my Wave for everything else. Dang, I'm screwed, though... I really wasn't expecting this...

I am thinking:
Chris Reeve Project I
Large Sebenza
Plain edge Military

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"Military" Fans Unite!!

I collect folders, I make a few, and I love the whole genre very much. But if society has collapsed, what possible reason would I have to carry a folding knife?

I agree with Corduroy except for in one respect. A folder such as an LM or a SAK is still useful as a pocket toolkit. A tactical or utility folder is largely unnecessary in a collapsed civilization 'cause you can carry open and carry large. Here are my three:

Livesay Rapid Deployment with kydex sheath.
Fallkniven A1 with a custom sheath.
Victorinox Swisstool.

I chose these three because I can actually afford them, unlike alot of the choices I've read in these types of threads wherein one imagines they have an unlimited budget and a year to wait for delivery rather than 99 days--that's right 99 days--to get it together. If a multitool is not considered a knife my third would be a Kabar Black Warthog for the same reason--it is an off the shelf purchase and more than adequate if cared for. It would be the beater.

One of my primary choices and the alternate choice are carbon steel knives and people might think I am crazy, but stainless is a rather recent innovation and really only an improvement for the most part concerning corrosion. Folks managed to care for carbon steel blades long before I arrived on the scene and they will be able to care for them long after I depart. In the meantime I have grown to like carbon steel blades, both handmades like the Livesays and "cheapos" like the Kabars after I started with stainless because of overblown fears of corrosion. I even dive with carbon knives as did the UDT frogmen did in WWII with no problems that a wipe of a tuff cloth or simple drying couldn't handle. I have found that if I do my relatively simple maintenance chores, carbon steel blades will reward me with many years of hard use at reasonable prices. I have even started to make 1095 steel knives as a hobby. A useful skill if civilization collapses.
David Boye Persona with Desert Ironwood handle, for small detail work

CS Trailmaster, for those things that need whacking, cause I haven't got a busse

SwissTool for those times it's needed.

oh, and a Norton combo sharpening stone!


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1.Chris Reeve Project I (in kydex)

2.Chris Reeve Shadow IV or TOPS Stormrider(I can't decide)

3.Victorinox SwissTool

I agree there wouldn't be any reason to carry a folder but if I had to choose one it would be a Spyderco Military.

Well, that would stink. If I had to stick with blades I currently own, it would be the Wave, CRK Mountaineer 1, and Dozier Straight Hunter. If I could have my choice of all blades, it would be Wave, CRK Mountaineer 2, and the Battle Mistress. But I would still be unhappy with only 3 knives!

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OK since I started this I guess I'd better put in my two cents.

1. Some kind of machete
2. Something like a USMC Ka-Bar or the new Warthog.
3. A Wave or Fallkniven F1 (can't decide which way to go here)

I don't want my children fed or clothed by the state, but I would prefer THAT to their being educated by the state.
Hmmm,EDMF 12"Trenchbowie for big tasks and potential "social work". If the GH WW3 khukuris are done in time it may replace the bowie.
Rob Crisswell Barracuda II for general everyday stuff. Gerber Multilock for everything else. Marcus
I go with...

18 in Ang Khola Ghurki
Ka-Bar Next Generation
Cold Steel Bushman

best stuff I own, thsoe are the 3 I'd take (don't quite have the Ang Khola yet, but will)
Swiss Army "Huntsman" or similar,
Gurkha House Panawal
Cold Steel SRK

Hey! I've already got these....
No worries!

--Mike L.

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Busse basic 9 for heavy chores.

Mad Dog Wild Thing for my "Never Leave Your Side" defense tool.

Benchmade 710 Axis lock for small utiliy chores.

It's ye olde dearly beloved "If you could have only X knife/knives" thread! Almost as essential a staple of knife forum diet as "What have we got in our pocketses?"

Y2K fear is a great knife marketing opportunity, so let's make the most of it!

With civilization an iffy sort of thing, I'll want a knife to make things with. A 4"+/- carbon steel puukko might do nicely for that, and it's the "all around knife" choice of some people who have been living on the edge of the forest for centuries.

I'll want something for food preparation that will keep on cutting, and which I can keep clean - sanitation will be all the more important under survival conditions. A Boye Basic III fixed blade would work well as a small but stout chef's knife. Maybe get that in dendritic cobalt.

And I'll want something for heavy cutting - either defense, God forbid, or gardening/farming. Machete . . . Kukri . . . Maybe a bowie optimized for chopping.

Since I'm restricted on knives for some totally arbitrary reason, I'll have my can opener, pliers, screwdriver, etctera, in packages that aren't attached to a mediocre knife blade.

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Anything by Loerchner or Warenski! I bet I could trade those things for lots of food, shelter, etc.
Lets see,
1. Steel Heart II
2. Leatherman Wave or Swiss Army Knife or Fallkniven F-1 - not sure.
3. Gerber Camp Axe (OK so it's not a knife!), if it HAD to be a knife: RTAK

If not RTAK, then maybe a quality Kukri.

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