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Jesse Jarosz Pulsar Flipper in slate blue G10 - $250!


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Dec 14, 2011



First of all, this knife has a few dings (all of which I tried to capture in the video), and partly due to the heft of the blade it is not the greatest flipper in the world, so if you're at all unsatisfied feel free to return it within 7 days for a full refund.

This is a Jesse Jarosz Pulsar flipper in slate blue G10 and 154CM steel. The blade length is 3.5". The centering is perfect, it has rock-solid lockup, a decent detent, and feels amazing in the hand. Has a nicely polished edge.

As shown in the video, there is a small ding in the G10 near the pivot on the show side, a larger ding in the same area on the other side, and the spine of the knife near the tip has several dings and scratches. The latter is hard to capture in the video, hence the return policy.

Price: $250 via PayPal goods and services. US only. This knife is meant to be a user, and I hope the price reflects that. I certainly don't think you'll find another custom Jarosz folder for anything close to this price!

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