Jewlery or a knife


Oct 4, 1998
I have always had good luck, but two days ago I really hit it. As I was sweeping, I came across a shiny object on the floor. It looked like a diamond. As a joke I picked it up and pretended to scratch glass. The only thing is that it actually scratched it. I had found a real diamond. I went to the jeweler and he said that it was .56 carrot and worth about $1600 retail. He told me that he would buy it for $600-700. The first thing that went through my mind was that I could sell it and get a Microtech Nemesis. BUT he then said that he could make a nice necklace for my girlfriend for $75 using the diamond.

Now here is the tough part, my mother overheard about the necklace and is bugging me to do that. She has not told my girlfriend anything, YET. But I am sure she will. And then who knows.

So, any suggestions?

Depends on how serious you are about the GF. We take our knives pretty seriously, you know!

This may be one of the turning points in your life. You know, the road not taken kind of thing.

Hope your decision works out for the best!
I have to agree on the seriousness of the relationship.

I just bought an engagement ring today...boy am I glad my fiance is modest...IF this girl is the one...or if you ever plan on getting hitched...I would hve it mounted in a ring, and have it put away for the right time...that is unless you are already well off and can afford such things at a later date. I am generally just this side of broke, and would jump at the chance to have a diamond ring worthy to give to my now fiance...but then again Ruger just came out with a .454 casull .....hmmmmm...Heck...make the necklace and give it to your mom.....mother's day is fast approaching...

And if all else fails, tell your mom that you lost the Diamond, but on the same day you found this Way-Cool knife that was worth just as much....

I have to agree with these really depends on your relationship. I, like Yekim, am fairly recently engaged. My SO would've been happy with a chip of glass in a tin foil band, but being the idiot I am, I just can't buy something cheap, especially under the pretense that it is the one-and-only, once in a lifetime, super special purchase, so I ende d up spending a hell of a lot more than I could reasonably afford. It made her happy, though, so that's what counts! Anyway, did the jeweler happen to grade the clarity of the diamond for you, as well as the color? Those are much more important measures than the weight or size of it. A .56 diamond could look like a little ugly glass chip if it lacks clarity and is yellow in color. Or, it can look enormous if it is of good quality. The only way to judge color is by comparing it to a master set of diamonds, but you can get a rough idea of the clarity by looking very closely at the diamond in good light. If you can see any surface blemishes or inclusions (little black things inside the diamond) then it is not better than "I" clarity. The next grade up is "SI", meaning "slightly included", which has inclusions that are invisible to the naked eye, but can be seen with a 10x jeweler's loupe. Price between clarity grades is an enormous jump. For example, I ended up paying more for an 80 point (100 points equals one carat, so 80 points is slightly over 3/4 carat) diamond with SI clarity, but it looks like an easy carat when you look at it. So, anyway, it may be worth it to get a full appraisal and see exactly what you have, as well as an inspection for chips and stuff. If it is a really good diamond, and you have thoughts of tying the knot somewhere in the near future, then I would suggest holding onto it for that purpose. It's not everyday that someone just finds a diamond, and it may be a sign from wherever! OTOH, women see it as bad luck to wear a diamond that has been worn before, so it might actually backfire on you. Just depends on your woman! If thoughts of marriage are few and far between, then think about selling it, buying some nice knives, and getting a little something for your old lady, too! The possibilites are endless! If it is a really good diamond, though, it would be well worth it to hold onto it. When you start shopping for rings in stores you'll be VERY, VERY glad you did! Good luck!
I've noticed whenever someone offers me money, particularly someone in business, I get lowballed. So get two or three opinions.

I'd keep it for an engagement ring, a diamond is big stuff, too big for a GF. You may not have her in the future. But you'll always have your Mom, maybe she should get it.

On the other hand you'll always have a knife, no one can take that away.

Just my $ .02.


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Good comments, suggestions, etc...but doesnt anyone think it's weird to just "find" a diamond?!! Nobody seemd to think that was outta this world cool? Gees Louise I found a dollar yesterday and thought that was pretty neat. I hereby volunteer to sweep RJ's floors from now on.


Maybe we can sweep in shifts? I'll take early or late, doesn't matter much!

When I go jogging, I'm thrilled to find a quarter! I skipped that part and went right into the important relationship issue. Should have said wow! or something similar.
I hate to say this, cause I would want to sell it and buy a knife, but someone might have lost the diamond. Maybe it fell out of a ring or necklace. Someone could be looking for it. Sorry. I only bring this up because my sister-in-law lost a diamond from her ring. It wasn't a big diamond, but she was upset about it.
Good point, Blades, but here's the reality of the situation: you may not be able to find the person who lost the diamond. Also, the diamond may be under warranty. The ring I bought for my ball and chain has a full warranty (replacement of the diamond of equal value and quality) against any chippings, scratching, or loss caused by one of the arms of the crown loosening. And that's just from the place where I bought it. The insurance company has it insured against theft, and outright loss of the entire ring. So, most likely, the person who lost the stone has it covered. At least, they should...the right thing would be to advertise the lost diamond, but without a laser inscribed serial number or mapping of inclusions, it would not be possible to prove who the diamond belongs to.
RJ .... Where exactly did you say you found it at? I think it was mine

That is a tough one!
Can't tell you what I would do so,
go with what your heart tells you to do ...
hope that wasn't corney at all!!!

Keeping the diamond just because it is insured presumes the insurance company takes the loss. In fact, the insurance company is still going to make a profit so the loss is spread over the premiums of all it's clients, you and me. Advertise the found diamond (without description) and where found and make those who answer the ad bring the piece of jewelry to you to show you where it came from--you immediately take it to a jeweler who will be able to identify if the stone came from that setting. Also get an alibi as to why they were in the building when it was lost. Easy story to check and it will do your conscience a world of good. Maybe even a Police report without a description. Most cities or states have found property laws which you may be violating right now anyway.

Example: My son, at 8, found a $50 bill in a department store. We took it to customer service and reported found money. The clerk wanted to take it, put it in an envelope, and await a customer claim. I told her I would keep the money with me, did not tell her how much--only that it was sizeable, and she could call me if someone claimed it. I knew if we gave it to her we would never see it again. As it was, nobody claimed it in one week--the legal time to wait in Virginia--and my son got both a sizeable addition to his savings account and a good lesson.

Just remember, as happy as you are in finding this treasure, there is someone out there just that heartbroken that it was lost.
Get the knife and hope your mother isn't low enough to tell your gf.
Give her the Jewelry, You lose in the short term, but you can get a lot of mileage out of it in the long...

Jeff "Without data it's just another opinion" Hubbard
I suppose the idea of selling the diamond and buying a knife and a cubic zirconia the same size and cut to set in a necklace isn't even worth considering....

-Cougar Allen :{)
1) Get a couple more pro estimates on the value of the diamond
2) Sell it for as much as possible
3) Now you gotta think on what to do, after seriously telling your mom to quit meddling:
a) buy a cheaper diamond necklace for the GF and a knife for yourself
b) Stash the money for a rainy day

Personally, I don't feel you should give it to the GF. Diamonds are for financee's and wives, not girlfriends. If you give it to her, its a gift and if you split up, its hers. If mom tells her and she gets PO'd, dump her.
Rich, I noticed from your post that it was the jeweler who suggested the necklace, you did not think of it yourself. That says to me that you do not really want to give her the diamond, and if things did not work out between the two of you it could become a sore point

Perhaps you should hold onto it for now. Tell your mother that you are considering what to do, and ask her not to tell your girl until you decide. As long as you don't sell it mom will probably go along with the idea, and if things do work out it will make a great engagement ring at the right time. The diamond will do nothing but gain in value until then.

Be careful with giving her too valuble a piece of jewelry before you buy her an engagement ring. If you cannot afford a bigger diamond than that one when you do decide to get engaged you will regret that you gave her that necklace now.

Sell the diamond, buy the Microtech, and something nice for your girlfriend. That way, you both win, and you still score major points with her, and get an awesome blade!
I was discussing this predicament with an (almost) elderly friend of mine, and she stated that, as a matter of etiquette, a diamond should not be given to a woman until you are going to be engaged. This also goes with platinum. Heck, what do I know....but it sounds like a good excuse to buy a knife...

Thanks for all of the advise.

I am leaning towards selling the diamond, if it is not claimed. It obviously fell out of someone's setting and I can't imagine what it would be like to loose something like this. The store that I work in is very small so I know it was not a co-worker, but I am still waiting to see if a customer askes about it.
My girlfriend and I are serious (dating six years) but I have decided that when I give her a diamond it will be one that I pick for her and not just find on the floor. What I will most likely do is sell it and buy one of the new MTs and use the rest of the money to buy her something else.

Now the question is when are the new tanto OTFs going to be ready?

Six Years?.....Dude, you have moved past serious and are now back in the land of goofing is going to suck going through the seven year itch in the first year of marriage...
....Oh better get her a ring before you she decides that you are not serious about her...