Just Finished this Bowie,Need some feedback please(pics)

Sep 26, 1999
I just got this one finished today.It has been a but to get it done correctly,These straight lines look easy but they are a bear to keep even.
OK Enough fussing,
The specs are:
12 inch blade forged from 5160 round rod
Mild steel guard
5160 handle frame and bolsters at 5 1/4 incheslong and covered with some spalted wood that has been stabilized (the wood is either Gum or White oak,I found the stump in the swampy area around my Moms and have been drying it for a few years and this is the first time that I have used it):cool:
OK We will have to try a link to them,SORRY


Please let me know what you think of this Blade,
Whats with Photo point.The pictures are there in the album,but they are not showing now.
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Bruce..........Sorry,We will get this fixed soon I hope....
bruce the buzz is that photo point went toes up! and everyone has lost all their pic's there is a thread on this in one of the other disscussin forums here.
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...and another one. Pretty cool, all around. :)


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I guess that I am going to have to become a paying member so I can post them up....Seems like everyybody is starting to charge now,I was going to put it on my Homestead site and they are now charging and I have used up my free space on it,So I am going to have to delete out a bunch of the old pages and pictures as soon as I can,So if anybody is interested in pictures of any of my older work I will leave it like it is for the rest of the wek before I re-do the website.
That looks great Bruce. That's honestly one of the best looking ones you've made IMO, but they all look good. I really like the handle and S guard. The guard is proportioned well in regard to blade size. And the handle reminds me of ones on some antique bowies, but you put your own twist on it. Nice :D.


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Great peice as always Bruce!!!
But 12 inches of 5160, any longer and you could post it on the sword forum.:eek:
That's just beautiful Bruce. Solid with a lot of style as always. Are you going to remember us mortals when you are rich and famous.

By the way, try image station. I think photopoint will continue to get worse for non-paying users.
Forged from Round Bar!!!!!???:eek: Arn't ya supposed t do all that extra work in thew winter:p ;) :p

Really is kewl though:cool:

Speak softly and carry a long knife....
Cool knife! Blade isn't really my style, but I love that handle! Very nice contrast, without the work of bolsters, two materials, etc. Very nice! Just out of curiosity, what is the blade thickness on something like that? Is it a period piece? Most bowies I've seen have that clip point, but this seems like a regular bowie handle attached toa San Francisco style blade. Any comments?
Awesome...totally awesome.

I love the idea of using wood other than the standards used by many knifemakers.

BTW.....I used some of your ideas on my latest bowie....along with Fowler, Bagwell, and Goddard too. I will post a pic later this week.

Gee Thanks Bruce :D
The Blade is 3/16 inch thick.And Sing had designed this piece with the Kentucky Riflemans knife in mind with a modern twist on the traditional handle design.
I would just as soon grind a sword as another of this style and length,I would also rather grind a Dagger than this straight of a Blade.The shorter Price styles aren't to bad but at this length it was a bear.
Yes winter time is allor easier on me to forge,But you still have to make knives in the summer time also.It was 114 degrees in the shop the other day so I had to take it slow and easy and stop in the afternoon and start back in the evenings,it took longer than it should have because of the heat.