Just got my Lum Chinese... I have a problem...

Aug 5, 2000
Hey Y'all...

I ordered a Lum Chinese a couple of days ago and it just came today. I suspect that this 'new' knife has been used. My first question... Which way is the clip attached from the factory (tip up or down)?

This knife was tip-up, which I dont like. I removed the clip and one of the screw holes is reamed out. Not horribly bad, just enough to really mar the finish around the screw hole. I moved the clip and reattached it. When I tried to open the blade it wouldnt come out. I loosened the screws and could open the knife. I noticed that the nested liner was being pushed out by the screw(s). One of the screws is shorter than the other two. I dont think it came from the factory this way but I could be wrong.

Has anyone else moved the clip and had any problems?

So am I just an incompetent clip-attacher, or should I send it back?

They come from the factory tip-down. Sounds like someone's been messing with your knife. Who did you buy it from? Send it in to Spyderco for them to fix.
They do come tip-down, but it's fine that the screws have different lengths. One was longer, and I recall that it made sense to me at the time. Before you send it back, try putting the longer screw in one of the other holes. Switch stuff around.

But yes, something sounds fishy here anyway.
Actually, TWO of the screws are longer and one is shorter. I tried several different ways. I think I am gonna call the dealer this morning and maybe send it back. I am kinda disappointed.

I'd rather not say who it is just yet. I want to give them a chance to make ammends first. I'm sure it's an honest mistake anyway.

Can Spyderco fix scratched almite? I figured they couldnt.

Thanks for the info...

Hi Matt. Sorry for your disappointment. The screws are different sizes because of location. We can sort out the screw problem, but we can't take scratches out of Almite. "Tis a shame that you had a prob. It is a beautiful state of the art folder that should be enjoyed without probs.

So do I need a different set of screws to switch the knife back to tip-down?
Found out that the longer screws were a mistake on some of the Lum Chinese models. I have some shorter screws en route. :) I also learned that a green sharpie does a good job of covering light scratches on a lum chinese. Try it out... (You can easily remove sharpie from anything non-porous with some alcohol, by the way)

It's a shame that your Lum experience started out so poorly. It's a marvel of engineering and simplicity.
I've purchased 3 Lum folders and 2 of the three came to me tip up and one tip down. I prefer the tip up for my use. I keep mine in the waistband of my suit right hand cross draw. I also noticed the three screws were not the same, all of my 3 Lums had one screw with a taller head on it. It works great when positioned in the middle.It gives a little extra purchase to the knife when drawing it away from the clipped position. I thought they did this on purpose. I wouldn't want the screws any different from now on and would like to change all of my Spydies to this screw head configuration.
Matt, glad you got this sorted out...I appreciate your candor. Regards, Mike
No problem at all Michael. Thanks again for all of your help...

You guys don't happen to set up a table at the Hillsville Va. flea market on Labor Day do you? You guys are fairly close. You should look into it...

I just received my Lum Chinese Folder (after being on back-order for over two months) and it too arrived with the clip set up for tip-up carry. When I moved the clip to the tip-down position I noticed that the finish around the tip-up holes was chipped:mad: Are there little matching screws available to cover up the chips? Some one in Seki City needs to learn the difference between tip-up and tip-down;)
I took a green "sharpie" magic marker and touched up the exposed aluminum. If you look close you can still tell, but it looks pretty good.

If you try this and dont like it, you can always use a little alcohol to remove the "permanent" marker (on nonporous surfaces... dont try this on G-10)

Seeing that this thread has risen back to the top, I thought sure we'd get an update as to what happened with your "used" Chinese. Can you enlighten us at to the entire saga? Or did you just decide to keep it and be bitter?

Given some significant recent changes to my financial situaion, I'm not likely to be buying many knives for some time. But certainly, the Chinese is one of those on the list I really want. Maybe even on the must have list.

But now, we have a second report of knife that has had the clip moved, with deleterious damage to the almite surface. Would sure appreciate learning what happened with your transaction/return, whatever.

Sal, if you catch this, or anyone else who has the knife and has moved the clip from one position to another, is it possible to move the clip and not cause damage to the almite surface? I have to admit when I hear tales of scratches on other almite surfaces, I'm really wondering why the almite surface, instead of the hard anodizing of the aluminum. On my CRKTs and an OE with the hard anodizing, I have the feeling that something indeed harsh must happen to the finish to mar it. But, the almite sounds delicate as the dickens. Does one have to treat it like eggs? Or is almite a rough-tough finish?
I moved it from the original tip down to tip up, and then back to down.

I didn't do any damage at all. When I first removed the clip from tip down, there was a little adhesive or something under there. I left that alone, and when I put the clip back on the tip-down side, well, it's covering that again.

Didn't hurt a thing. Great knife. Not a tactical, but that's one of the things that's so great about it.
Matt, I just stumbled on your question about Hillsville and Labor Day...would be excellent idea, except beside knives I sell drugs(legally---pharmacist)...I work 7 days a week(seriously) and holidays too... :-( Not sure a college education helped me a lot...sad story ain't it? I use to go to Hillsville,,,,picked up couple of firearms there before getting in so deep with the pharmacy...oh well, enjoy..Hillsville is a HOOT! Regards, Mike

Sorry I won't see you there. Hillsville is a lot of fun. I might be contacting you sometime soon about getting a blue delica. (that is, if I have any money left after this Labor Day weekend at Hillsville)

Bugs, I don't think the clips were moved. I think they were installed that way at the factory. lbwheat said "I've purchased 3 Lum folders and 2 of the three came to me tip up and one tip down."
Just to add my .02 I bought a new Lum and it too came with the clip configured for tip up carry. When I pull it from my right front pocket my thumb is in the natural position for opening, so I haven't seen a reason to change it.
My Lum Chinese has ridden in the right rear pocket of my 511's every day since it arrived. Its been maybe a couple of months now and no problems at all with the Almite (or the knife).

It has been tapped by a waving PSARK a few times and gets whacked once and a while climbing in and out of cars with no ill effects at all. It still looks like it did the day I opened the box from Mike (thanx again guy!) I use it every day as it is my "out in public" blade and it might as well be invisible.

So is the finish tough ...most likely, Is it an eggshell...NO WAY!

And yes, I have glue where the clip was installed (tip down @#%*&#) and visible now that is has been changed. It won't come off for anything and they had glued in one of the screws at the factory as well. A lot of fun to get out :)

My .02
Stay safe