Just got my Lum Chinese... I have a problem...

I think that the error in clip placement is also from the factory. I have two LUM Chinese folders. I have been using the serrated version for several months. It arrived for tip down carry. My plain edge just arrived and it was set for tip up carry. I've noticed differences in the consistency of the spacer between the handles also. The finish varies greatly.
Overall, the Chinese is an awesome knife. I've never routinely carried a Spyderco until I purchased the Chinese folder. I take it with me everyday.
After moving the clip from tip-up to tip-down I decided that I should have tryed tip-up so I moved the clip back and now the tip-down holes are chipped out too. It's not as bad as the factory installed clip hole chips (the factory clip installer is heavy-handed as well as dyslexic). I wish that I had tryed tip-up carry before I moved the clip the first time.

Moral of the Spyderco Lum Chinese Folder Story - Leave the clip where it is!!!;)