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Just went shooting and blew lots of cash!


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Jul 9, 2000
Hi guys, I just got back from Rangemasters in Springville. It's the local indoor range. I took my new room mate who hunts and a coworker. We had lots of fun. this afternoon I purchased a year membership, which gives me unlimited use of the range, I can bring 2 friends for free and there are a few other perks, can't remember all of them. Anyways, I brought my Ruger Single 6 my friend Josh had his 9mm S@W semi auto and a Marlin .22 Rifle, then we also rented the Ruger 45/22 Mark III. We shared all the guns. :thumbup: Since I have the membership I can go anytime and plan to go every other week or so.

On the way home we stopped by Sportsmans Warehouse to check some prices on Rugers and I also checked out the Walther P22. It's comfortable in my hand and has a good heft to it. They had the Stainless Mark III 45/22 and the P22 Target Model. Both are great but more then I want to spend. I want the standard Mark III blued with the Bull barrel or the standard P22. Anyone tried out the P22? IF so what did you think? I think it's sweet!! But have not shot it yet.

Got 100 rds. .22 Win Mags for my Single 6. I had so much fun shooting last time (got only 50 rounds then) I desided I needed more. Plus I got a nice Leather holster for the Single 6. Wonder what I'll do with my nylon holster now.? LOL!! Anyways, just wanted to share the good news. Hope you guys that shoot can go often. I shure plan to. :D

Keeping a schedule with your buds, like going every other payday, works.

More you shoot= better you shoot. Glad you're having fun with it, Heber.

Mike :D
We don't have any indoor ranges here but there are plenty of unofficial outdoor places to shoot around here and I also get to use the Sheriff's range for pistol/shotgun/AR15 shooting.

About that nylon holster you don't know what to do with: Go get a cardboard box, place the nylon holster inside it and store it in a closet. As you progress through the various phases of your shooting interest the box will accumulate holsters until such time as they take over your entire closet.

At some point you'll discover a holster in the box that fits none of your guns. You must remove this holster from the box and take it to your favorite gun dealer, who will be happy to fill it for you.
Mike, I get payed every other week and plan to take at least some one every check. I have probably 5000 rounds of .22LR and that range membership so will go as often as I can get some free time and friends together which will probably be 2 to 3 times a month (fingers crossed.) :) IT sure is fun, you should come down and go with us.

Raghorn, Bet it's nice having outdoor places to go where you are. It's the same at mom's house, but she's 1:20 minutes away so not the easiest place to go afterwork for 2 hours. LOL.

The holster story sounds like me and flashlights. LOL!! I bet it's soo true. I have two Military surplus webbed belts and the leather holster will work with both, but now I want one for my .22 Pistol when I buy it next month and a leather belt for the Single 6. Right now I could find a use for 3 gun belts. And 3 holsters would be nice too.... Does it ever end? ;)

Guns are good!! I have an old Ruger Mark I which was the second pistol I ever bought. I bought it when I was in high school my senior year. It's had several hundred thousand rounds through it and still going strong. I don't shoot it much any more, I shoot more center fire these days, but those Rugers are built like tanks.

I got to go and shoot a USPSA match today for the first time with the new pistol my wife gave me for our tenth anniversary. Here's a pic -


Guns are good!

"At some point you'll discover a holster in the box that fits none of your guns. You must remove this holster from the box and take it to your favorite gun dealer, who will be happy to fill it for you." Raghorn

Thats funny! Reminds me of the story of the new kid and the old hands.

"What holster should I buy? Is this the right one?"
"Sure, that'll work, that's a good one." One seasoned shooter tells him. He didn't have the heart to tell him that eventually he'll end up with a box of holsters, just like everybody else, with some that fit and some don't work.


"Just went shooting and blew lots of cash!" Heber

I love that line. It is exactly like a rocknroll lyric.

"I just went shooting, blew lots of cash,
I'm not rich but I got my stash."

An afternoon spent shooting with friends is one of Life's best rewards.

I've shot the P22 and wasn't too impressed. It jammed a lot, wasn't too accurate, and on the 5.5" barreled version I shot, the front part of the barrel continually worked loose. For the money you'll be better served by a good old fashioned Ruger Mark II or III or a Browning Buckmark. I'm a big fan of the Ruger personally. Look around for a used one, the older ones are better made and they're nearly impossible to wear out, the things are built like a tank. Happy shooting!
oh man the p22 looks great. every six months or so i end up taking another look at it and reading reviews until all the defaming of its accuracy and reliability turn me off for another two seasons. still, last time i checked it was doing much better. apparently if you make sure your mags have an 'A' at the end of the serial number then you'll have little to no trouble.
If they fixed the reliability problems it could be an OK gun for someone with little hands. Mine are unusually big, so it wasn't very comfortable for me even if it had been reliable. YMMV.
But you're such a little guy! (On the outside, at least.)

It's a shame...I bought Jordy a nice bolt-action Savage rifle (after taking her around to various stores, so she could handle various models, and find one whose fit she liked), but we were so busy during my visit that I never got around to checking on buying her a membership (or x # of visits pass) at the local shooting range. :(

I'm on my way today to link up with a SF team in Tagab, so I hear I'll be doing a lot more shooting.

Shooting is good. Trouble is, where you are, they shoot back.

Take care always.

By some freakish alignment of the stars and RETARDED legislation in California, that little handgun is the center of a huge CF because it posseses certain features that qualifys it as an Assault Weapon in my fair state. Of course, California has banned them since before the Federal Ban. The really funny part is the Department of Justice didn't realize it was an evil Assault Rifle until several thousand had entered the state legally. Our brave public servants at the DOJ have been trying to track them down and have them neutered so they are compliant with our laws.
I'm not familiar with the weapon, but it has something to do with the weapon having threads in order to change barrels. Threaded barrels are a major portion of the law because you could attach silencers, bayonets, flash hiders, kitchen sinks and maybe even a Mini Cooper to the end of the weapon.
They are trying to get owners to send them back to the factory so the factory can loc-tite the threads and save the universe from this evil little bringer of mayhem. If you do it yourself you would violate the law just by removing the barrel in order to 'fix' the problem.

Guys- if ever there is a reason to realize that gun control is death by a thousand cuts-this is it.
But you're such a little guy! (On the outside, at least.)

Look who's talkin'. :p You're right though, if I had grown into my hands and feet like a normal teenager, I'd be a pretty big guy. As it is I just have trouble finding shirts with sleeves that are long enough and gloves that are big enough.

Slightly off topic, shoot straight over there John, and keep your head down.

Sutcliffe, I did hear about that BS in California, and found myself amazed once again that they could be just that stupid. I've become so jaded about Cali gun laws that my amazement was cause for more amazement in and of itself. Those people need to get a life.
The end of a barrel isn't to be threaded for the reasons Sutcliffe mentioned; you can screw things on there. Flash suppressors and bayonets are what they are mostly worried about. That State is a front runner of where the whole nation is going to go if we are not more sensible.