justifying Busse knives

Jun 24, 2007
The problem with being a knife-slut is that you don't stop the old interests. I went from SAKs to Bucks - love the Custom Shop 110s and that new 419 Kalinga Pro fb in S30V. Then I had to 'try' a Bark River just after Christmas... six of them later I am salivating over the 'little' Busse MikeH just 'had' to show me at breakfast yesterday AM... thanks for that infection!

Of course, the fickle nature is bad enough, but I still like my Custom Shop Buck 110s - just got a nice one a few weeks back. That SAK interest, started when Nixon was Prez, continues - I just got another new one there, too. I assume that the Busses will follow that path... just take far larger hunks from my already shrunken wallet. Well, my migration from long guns to handguns to revolvers and now to knives has been somewhat downsizing and interesting. Gun cabinets are gone, smaller safes, too... knives fit in a drawer! And, no increasing 'ammo' costs - or Fed forms. Oddly, the per item cost is about to equalize...

One question... is a bonafide use of a Busse a necessity for ownership? I have plenty of camping/bushcraft knives - but don't even day-hike like I once did. Hunt in Alabama - with all of the tree-mounted bushwhackers popping at everything that moves? Not me... I am too big of a target. Gotta get one... at least one!

MikeH - was that a BAD?

Oct 18, 2001
That was the Active Duty in it's original configuration,
Custom Shop Satin/Snakeskin. As I said yesterday, the sweetest Busse ever made. A BAD is just a little thinner than that one.

You're too big a target? Just think how I feel!
Jun 29, 2005
I'm holding out---I just have the Red Warden. ;)

Lycosa, you have more willpower than is humanly possible....how do you do it:confused:

Just get one more!...you can say "I only have two" for the next year and we'll still be impressed with your willpower:p
Dec 5, 2005
The only rational that I use are "I want it, the price is right, and I have enough disposable funds to purchase it." If any one is not COMPLETELY satisfied, then I don't buy. I have 9 busse blades, not even a blip on the piglet radar by comparison. I watch a lot of blades go by, but ocassionally jump on the right one.
Jun 24, 2006
-It'll only get more expensive if I don't buy it now

That is the simple fact that has driven the vast majority of my "Put the Busse I can't afford on my CC and find a way to pay eventually" purchases.
Like the Shiva I ordered....really haven't recovered from last ganza, but if I don't score one now, I'll just be paying $300 for it in a month or $500 for it in a couple of years.