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Karas Pen, Knife guys prybar and Mini tool pen


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Apr 1, 2018
Hey all,

Clearing out more stuff I don't use/need. All prices are paypal g/s and include shipping and handling. Original packaging lost a while back.

  1. Karas Decograph all blacked out, tip I believe is fine it is also blacked out. Great shape, has a few scratches but hard to see. Includes carrying case and 3 unused ink cartages. Paid $140 asking $80
  2. Knife guys one off prybar. Full size, one off, pretty unique. A few starches on the tip, Paid $150 asking $50 SOLD
  3. Premium Tool Pen Mini by Mininch, brings 22 bits are included, with Phillips, Flathead, Metric Hex, Square, and Star Bits. The Pen itself holds five at a time, and viewing windows tell you exactly what's loaded right now. barely used to be honest, used my Leatherman wave more. Paid $100 asking $80-SPF
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Prybar sold, pen and minitool still available
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