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Nov 25, 2006
I haven't purchased very many knives off of blade forums but did want to say that the knives that I have purchased through the blade forums sales venues have all been great as have been the people that I have dealt with. I purchased my first custom from Craig Camerer. It was actually the first knife that I purchased off of the forum. Craig was very patient with me and helped with the process. As a result, I recieved a fantastic camp knife with a bolo influence that is everything and more than I expected. Ray Laconico has been showing knives in the for sale forum that I have found beautiful in their simplicity. I am a follower of the form follows function camp and Ray fulfills that niche in the custom knife arena. I finally found one that everyone overlooked and emailed Ray that I would like to purchase it. I got his address, sent a m.o. and in short order recieved a wonderful little 4" drop point that you don't even know is on your hip. I have had it out in the woods and it does just what it says it does. Ray was really great to deal with. KeithAM (Keith Mayton) had an Endura zdp189 for sale. I managed to be first in line and sent a m.o. and again recieved exactly what was advertised in a very short time span. Communication with all three was excellant and I feel that I recieved more than I bargained for in all three deals. I would not hesitate to purchase from the above gentlemen again - in fact, I plan on it.