Kershaw 1595 G10 Tactical Speed Bump New Model Bump?

Dec 14, 2009
As a longtime collector of Kershaw Bumps, I was surprised to see the 1595 G10 Speed Bump available online. I have not seen this model available before. I thought that the Bump line had been discontinued for some time. Maybe the 1595 G10 was a new old stock model that is just now being introduced. If no one else knows about this maybe, Thomas could enlighten us on this model.
Crap , how did I miss those?

A while back Kershaw built out the last of the S30V Spec Bump blades as 1596SW's.
I guess they had some of the 14C28N Speed Bump blades left along with the Spec Bump frames.
Seems like a hell of a great deal to me!
Wicked curves, Sandvik 14c28n blade, and G10 handle for 39.99 delivered? No "sticky" handle material to hang up on your pocket or hard to operate safety button, you say?


(Surprised you two guys didn't buy them all before I got a chance.) :D
Yeah, ordered mine today. When I first saw this thread, I thought to my self, meh, that's cool, but do I really need another Bump?
But this morning, when I saw them going for 40 bucks shipped, the answer I came up with is yes....yes I do.
Yeah, I dunno. Mine won't arrive until next week sometime. There was one auctioned on eBay recently, so they are definitely out there in circulation.
are these USA made?
edit: found the product page, and it lists as Made in USA.
IN for one with 2day shipping! If it's not a speedbump and its the seller's mistake, they'll pay for shipping (at least the site I got mine from)

thank you kindly for the headsup!
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Sorry, missed this thread, been pretty slammed as of late.

As Glenn said, we had extra parts and pieces. Instead of scrapping parts we built them. 1423 of them to be exact. All went to Amazon. That quantity will go quick, so step on it if you want one.
Just ordered two myself! Only $39.99 shipped!?! I am so happy about this purchase right now! The weirdest thing is i was going to start a thread wondering why KAI doesn't offer any stud lock knives for sale, i go here to do some research, and find this thread. I love Bladeforums! The only thing that could have been better is if Bladeforums members got a heads up and maybe first dibs on them.....oh well maybe next time, right Thomas?:D
Thanks for the tip. New to Kershaw. The skyline thread hooked me. Now I have a ZT0500 on the way.
0777, 0560 and 0561 on pre order. and wishing I could find an 0551.

This may not be good for the wallet.