Kershaw Random Task, spacer problem

I have the latest and greatest and the knife certainly has come far in the way of improvements over the initial offerings. But it seems to have vibrated the small screws that hold the scales on loose and when I tightened them up the spacer is now out of kilter, not flush as it once was, I try and try to hold it all together but it still isn't the way it was when I got it. Small problem but a frustrating one.
Any ideas?


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Oct 3, 1998
G2 - send it back to Kershaw for warranty repair. From what I've heard their customer service is very good.

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Just return it to Kershaw. The service I got from them when I returned my Random Tasks was excellent. They even replaced both mine with new ones. I lost Doug Flagg's e-mail address though.

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Thanks Guys, I just hesitate to do so, with it being what should be a simple problem, ya think I could tighten some screws and not have an alignment problem wouldn't you? I just wondered if there was a special way to hold everything together? But I may at least send an email to them and see what they say about it.

Good luck with the e-mail. I e-mailed Kershaw about a my Mini-Task 1500 and I never received a reply. I finally sent the knife in. I have been without the knife for a few weeks now.

Tim, I feel your pain! I sent an email a long time ago about my first Random Task and I think the internet is too new to them as I didn't get a response either. So being the way I am, I called and spoke with someone there. The assembly people weren't in on Friday when I called so I'll try again on Monday, maybe I can get this figured out over the phone? Hope so anyway...
This is more in response to problems with e-mailing Kershaw. I recently e-mailed them in regards to buying their blade trader blades individually, and received a very prompt reply, as have other people I know, when the've corresponded with Kershaw over the internet.
Anyhow, I too have heard very good things about their warranty dept. so you may have to do that anyway.
I'll contact Kershaw tomorrow and light a fire for you guys . Let me know what happens I know there going like hell and sometimes arnt as prompt as they should be but there a great group of guys and there intentions are genuine .

Gary those screws are T-5 torx and hard to find however Les Halpern has them in stock . His # is in all the knife mags .

Thanks Ken, I called today and talked with Joe and he walked through what I should do to re-align up the spacer and scales.

He suggested loosening the pivot bolt, `But not too much! or you'll have a mess on your hands!, Then take out the very end screw and loosen the other four screws, take and align up the one side and tighten them down and then do the other side. He said it's not so tough there because after they assmble them the profile the back with a fancy belt sander, I told him I figured as much! But he was very helpful and said to call back if I still had problems. The screws seem to be ok Ken, but thanks. I'll wait till the coffee in my system is drained and my hands are a little steadier before I do this.


I am a newbie so please be gentle!!.

Fisrt i like to say that having the designer of the speedsafe on the forum is the best!!

But i have a problem, my random task had the same problem of having the a loose screw on the smooth side of the G10 liner. In fact i lost the screw and i think waht happened is that the brass collet in the spacer must have been striped. I would suggest that on assembly they put some thread locker like Locktite. I am now using the screw from the clip to lock the G10 liner in place, so i now dont have the clip attached. At least they used the same screw as the frame. Another suggestion would be to use 304 SS for the collet on the spacer. Did i mentioned that i am a knut from Malaysia? Thats the problem, sending the knife for repair would most probably be lost in the post, cost more then the knife or be confiscated. By the way the screw is T6 and not T5. What i am hoping is for someone to help me obtain the spacer and T6 screws for the reassembly. I am currently have a friend in NY who is coming back to help me buy and collect knives. I also purchased the Mini Task and Avalanche. Sorry for the long post.
Kevtan , I feel your pain !
Call Kershaw at 1(800)325-2891 and ask for Doug Flagg tell him I sent you and see if he will send you some replacement parts for your knife as you seem quite capable of doing the necessary repairs .
If They won't let me know and I'll see if I can get the parts for you and send them myself.

Aloha!!! Ken Onion
Kevtan, kudos to you for using the Search engine to find a thread like this and not start one a fresh! I ended up getting the back spacer somewhat aligned but sold that knife and eventually purchased another only to have the same situation you describe, barely kept the loose screw as my daughter pointed it out to me that `Hey that screw is falling out' Smart kid!

So little loctite and that did the trick, took each screw out and did a littel to each one, one at a time.

That Ken Onion is a pretty smart feller, always willing to support us in matters like this, thats Ken.


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Thanks Gary,
It bugs me to no end that there are glitches in the mass production marketplace ,especially things with my name on them .I'll admit I've made my share of mistakes also so as to not point a finger here. **** happens and I hate it, but it does.Kershaw is getting much better and really doing a great job and any thing thats wrong theyll make right and if they don't I will! Production is way up and returns are waaaay down. I commend Kershaw for there dedication and commitment.But I know theres alwayse room for improvement.
Thanks for all the support !
Aloha!!! Ken Onion
Hey Ken....

Speaking of T5's....

Where in the world does one find a set of drivers that has a T5 in it ???

I've looked EVERYWHERE for a T5 and have found Nothing...

I thought I did,, drove 45 mins one way to a Radio Shack,, get there and it wasn't even a Torx set, it was Alan....

I Flipped out on the RS Dork and then flipped out on his manager and told him to Educate his employees.....

Anyhoo,, Everywhere I've looked,, I haven't found a set of Torx that has a T5...
Any Ideas....??

End of Rant...

ttyle Eric...

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Been there, done that. I was looking for a T-5 driver for a Larry Chew Spitfire of mine (Great Knife!), and the closest I could find was a Crafstman T-6. Again, Les Halpern was the ONLY place I could find a T-5. Web site at
Hope this helps.

Originally posted by KenOnion:
Kevtan , I feel your pain !
Call Kershaw at 1(800)325-2891 and ask for Doug Flagg

This is what i call dedication to one's product!! I would prefer it if u could give me an email address that i can use. I am afraid that calling Doug is not an option because i feel that in the end the cost of calling to and fro will be more than me buying a tap and 2 new screw to redo the knife. Please bear with me as my connection is very bad. Thanks for the words of encouragement. By the way I wanted to support the forum started by buying from ABC-Direct and was redirected. But my purchase was denied because i am using credit card and the international distance. So i ended up by buying from I must have spent $400-500 for me and my friend. Show u that sometimes risks must be taken. See ya.
Normark,and Friends...

Check out these guys for Torx drivers.
The WIHA tools are very nice! I have several sets.

This outfit; MICRO TOOLS puts out a paper catalog they will send you free that has Tons of small tools etc. for doing small repair jobs on Cameras, hobbies etc.etc...Look at their home page for more stuff...
Got an email from Don Flagg and sent him the US adress for shipping of the liner. So i am now waiting for the parts. Will report further on progress of repairs once i receive the parts. Good company, this Kershaw. Bought Avalanche and Mini Task.