Kitchen Cutlery, what do you use?

Same here?


By the way I'm in negotiations with Doc Gundersen at L&H Knives to make a couple
ATS-34 kitchen knives. Thanks for the tip.

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My current favorite kitchen knife is a 5 1/2" paring knife from Mel Sorg. Mel named it the 'onion slayer', due to the tactical nature of the designed usage. I reviewed the knife here (
Shortly after it arrived I held a discussion with my wife regarding this knife and the dishwasher. As far as I know, the knife has NOT been through the dishwasher. We have also had several discussions concerning the relative merits of plates versus cutting-boards and how that affects long-term knife sharpness. Unfortunately, I guess I was a little too specific in my comments, as I recently found my wife using the blade to cut up a pork roast in a Pyrex roasting pan! This may have had some effect on the sharpness, even on D-2!
Anyway, I've been using the knife for almost 3 months now, and it's become my favorite kitchen knife. Despite the Pyrex pan, I haven't had to sharpen it yet - I wanted to go as far as I could just to see how the D-2 holds up. It still slices a tomato - not as well as it did initially, but pretty well, with no squashing. I guess I'll give up and sharpen it in a few days, but so far I've been well pleased with the functionality over a wide range of kitchen tasks as well as its long edge-holding capability.