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Knife Addiction Cured For Good ..........

Nov 16, 1998
All my knives but two are now gone. My knife addiction flew the coop for good!

Hip Hip Hooray!

See, this illness can be cured! Thanks to some of you guys, it made it easier

Is easy, just sell or give them away and don't look back. Only if you want to, that is


<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Mark W Douglas:
See, this illness can be cured!

Why would we want to be cured??? The problem isn't too many knives; it's too little money.


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Mark W Douglas after reading several of post here and on Knife forums and from your newest post I have come to the conclusion that your crazy. Yes this is my professional opinion, not as a psychiatrist but as a knife knut. Please feel free to contact me at regular offices hours if you would like further counseling.
I beg to differ .... it is an illness!
I have come to the conclusion that you only need one or two knives at the most. Reliable knives!

When you constantly purchase knife after knife for what ever reasons, it becomes addicting, that is an illness. YES, I'm am cured, crazy or not. I feel good

Mark W. Douglas
Sorry, I can no longer provide my counseling services as I do not specialize in split personalities. I hope you can get the help you need. Or I hope at least one of you continues to collect.

The offer for counseling was meant to help you live with the illness of collecting knives. I hope you can come to terms with your self and realize that it is ok to have to many knives.
I have to ask: what two are left??

How did you break your addiction? Not trying to be funny - I'm serious!

Ray 'md2020'

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Well Mark you seem happy. That is the important thing. When you come to your senses we will welcome you back with open arms.

As a teenager I used to keep my knife collection in a fairly large desk drawer. I finally outgrew the drawer and moved my collection to a 20mm cannon ammo box. I left the drawer empty except for a small note.

When my friends came over they had a habit of dropping in my easy chair by the side of my desk and poking through my knife collection. My friend Chris came in a few days later and settled into the chair. He put his feet up on the new foot stool (a 20mm ammo box) and opened my knife drawer to see if there was anything new. At first he had a look of mild puzzlement when he found only the note. His face virtually paled when he read the words on the note, "Knives are evil ! !" For a minute there he thought that I had totally lost my senses. Then I showed him all was safe in the ammo box.

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In reply to maddog2020 ..... basically because of health reasons and other things going on, I needed the cash. Besides, seriously, I just did get plain tired of knives, too. Wore out my desires I guess.
To be honest, I found my perfect folder and my quest to find it has now come to a close.

You asked what two I have left? Well, my DDR Xtra Lg. Apogee and SOG Titanium Handled Arc-Lock Vision.


I've always kept only two or three knives. I actually have 4 now, but one is about to go. I'm not sure that just because you have a number of knives you have an illness??? I know there are people who use material things to avoid dealing with their feelings, and I guess that could be looked at as an illness-addiction. But I've also encountered plenty of well-centered folks who enjoy one collection or another.

Of course I'm not saying I'm not sick in other ways...


Wow, never heard of such a thing as losing interest. I have been "into" knives for as long as I can remember. I remember going to gunshows with dad before I was 10 and he would sometimes buy me a little pocket knife. Guess the disease if a lifetime one for me. Im 32 now, and the love of knives is stronger than ever.

I see you mentioned health reasons as a small factor in your changing desires. I do hope everything is working out fine for you personally.

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Nice choices for your two knives, Mark.

I can understand the knife addiction getting out of hand.
I'm getting fried as well on knives. No, I don't need my head checked folks. IMHO, I think a lot of us have gone over board with out habits and have been taking a break.

Is that why you changed your BF user name? Sort of to say you are 'well' now? I haven't been keeping on top of lots of things on BF. It seems like the year 2000 was real lame and so far this year the old crowd is not posting, or interacting like they had back a couple of years ago.

Hope all is well with your health and your family.

Ray 'md2020'

ATKI member #A001042
THANKS .... I'm just tired out!
Geez, maybe my wife has been right all these years about knives. She's been saying for many years that all knives look the same, cut the same. Why have more than one? I think her words have sunk in with me now.

I have been a good boy about staying away from the forums .... it's been a long while now since I posted here, at least for me it's been long! Nothing personal, just putting the final close on my old addiction now! Got to move on now and take care of other stuff that I must concentrate on while I can. Everything is well!


Mark, I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune. The good news is that we will welcome you back when you come to your senses, and most knives are replaceable. I do hope that this recent madness of yours is short-lived, and not too torturous. We feel for you, man, and we're pulling for you.

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Real need and optimal utility do not always go hand in hand. I enjoy knives, but I haven't nearly as many as a large number of you. Still I have quite a bit more than 2. Some of the individual missions for which I have "optimized knives" (or tried to) include:

1. Dress up occasions
2. Ordinary work (in the city) occasions
3. Work around the rural homestead (several submissions here including brush clearing)
4. Day hiking
5. Back Packing with low "survival situation" probability
6. Hunting/game skinning
7. Wilderness (high "survival situation" probability) living

At a minimum this would be 7 optimized knives, and I do have at least 1 knife in each category. Admittedly I have two, sometimes even three knives for some, but not all, of the above categories as well. This is because I'm not always sure, until I try them, what would be the optimum knife for me in some of those categories. Also, optimum is often "optimum at a price point" and from year to year, that price point might change.

Now theoretically, as I discover a newer and "more optimum" knife for any given mission, I could sell the older "less optimized" knives, but it isn't always that simple... Perhaps that's where my particular addiction problem comes into play

Win a few, lose a few. Sorry to hear,,
Hey. Wait! You're from NE Ohio!
WHOOOO HOOOOOO! This means more of a selection for me
Sorry to hear you are ill and needed the cash. I hope things work out for you in the end. When your health is on the line that comes first, forget knives and look after yourself! I mean that!

For the rest of us, knives= no money, no understanding from friends and family and a warm fuzzy feeling inside for having a nice knife. I cannot understand why I have an interest in all things with an edge, but I do. Even if most sheeple think I am more than a little 'wierd' for collecting 'weapons' I don't care. I know I collect the good stuff and it is the quality and expression that goes into a knife I like. NOT the fact that it is a knife. Otherwise I would just buy lots of cheap knives and have more to play with, right?


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"I have come to the conclusion that you need one or two knives at the most."
"Maybe my wife has been right all these years about knives."
You're babbling Mark.You're not making any sense!I think you need to go out first thing tomorrow and pick yourself up a new knife.I think your wife may have brainwashed you while you were sleeping.I have seen this happen before.

At any rate I think it is a little early in the process to call yourself "cured" of your knife illness.I would say you are on the road to recovery or something like that..

Seriously though ,I have been cutting back my collection and have been really using my knives alot more.I find that I get alot of pleasure from actually using a good quality knife.I hope you are well and you are happy with whatever path you choose.