Knife Auction website?

Nov 19, 1998

I keep hearing about knife auctions online but I don't know where the site is. Anyone able to help out? Thanks in advance!!
Funny thing is that I personally have never come close on a bladeauction deal but I've gotten some great deals with great service on e-bay.


Well, I'm primarily on the hunt for a Dalton Gypsy plain edge (there is one on but now I have to wait for my registration to be reviewed. I've bought several items on ebay and always been VERY happy. Guess I'll have to keep looking for my Gypsy......
I have purchased many knives from both E-bay and Bladeauction with no problems to date. Most have been purchased at great prices, but every once in a while it gets too personal and I get carried away with the bidding

All in all- I have had good success with both.

Ebay technically forbids autos with blade lenghts > 2 inches.... there are some switchblade nazis out there who seem to check and ebay pulls those ...
yahoo! also has knife auctions, but mainly low end.

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Well, I guess it doesn't matter now since my account was denied for Bladeauctions. How can they decline my account? I don' understand this but have no intention of EVER supporting this site again. Thanks for all the help though.....

Okay, now I'm REALLY confused. I just got another message saying my account was approved. I don't get it..... has recently added yet another auction. This is from their purchase of the famous Butterfield and Butterfield auction house. They've got some 300 blades up for sale right now.

I've had nice results on

Most of these auctions are populated by people who make their living, or at least a side business, auctioning stuff online. So, it's a lot like going to any 2nd rate knife show or flea market, except you don't have to pay parking and admission.

I would like to point out that Bruce Voyles will soon be up and running with an auction site for knives. I am told he will be starting out with 400 knives up for grabs. It should be interesting to see just what he has planned. It may be an excellent replacement for those who are not happy with the existing auction sites.


Tom Carey
BTW, bladeauction sends you about five e-mails for everything you do. They are sometimes contradictory. Amazon, also sent me two identical messages telling me I'd won my last auction. Perhap they do this to help assure delivery. While IP does not guaranty delivery and makes no delivery acknowledgement, it's usually reliable.

I'm glad to hear that Mr. Voyles is going to enter the fray. Maybe he'll at least filter the stuff a bit so that we don't have to wade through three hundred charming Chinese cheapies to find one reasonable knife and so that we don't have to see the same "only one available" knife get sold again and again and again by the same guy week after week after week. A classy knife auction house online would be welcome.

The "Auctions" are bizarre. I see many items sell very high. There is a number of cheap "copy stuff" that lists with a BAD description. Things like: MICROTECH MINI-SOCOM copy, not benchmade (stated after Benchmade description). You must know the pricing and not get carried away. Come up the max price you are willing to pay Before you bid. I've got some good deals on some things but you have to be careful.
T. Carey:

Any idea how Mr. Voyles will notify folks he's on-line and open for bids? Will there be a notice in Bladeforums?
Online auctions are like any thing else on and off the net. The more you know about what you are bidding for, the more informed bid you can make. I to have seen times go for incredibly high amounts. Fine case in point are those little keychain OTF knives that cost about $6 at a gun knife show and can be seen on ebay for $19.95. Most folks that buy these are ones that havent seen them in their areaa or cant get them in their area. This is why online auctions are so popular, because you can acquire things you normally wouldn't be able to. However, like in any business deal the old addage, "caveat-emptor....let the buyer beware" applies.

Remember, knowledge is power.


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I've gotten some pretty good deals at BladeAuctions. One knife (Pro-tech Runt)I found for 70.00 which I couldn't find anywhere else for less than 85-130. And a Benchmade Sentinel for $65. Great deals if you're lucky. As far as Ebay, I usually just check the "Last Day" section and look for deals that haven't been bid on. People will sometimes not know how to title the knife well enough to attract attention and so many people haven't even looked at it. Lots of low end stuff there, but a good user knife at a great price is still a good deal.

Happy Hunting,
Daniel D.
I cant wait until Bruce Voyles has his site up.

I have wondered why are head honchos hear at Bladeforums dont start a knife auction site?

We are already 5 steps ahead. In fact we where going to go live with it in February.

We tabled it until we got the new software. But it is in the works.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!


That's great news. I'm sure the auction will be well supported by the members. Looking forward to it.

I hate to be the doomsayer, but I just gotta say it:

Oh great. Another knife auction site. That's what we need -- like a hole in the head!

I can't check all these sites. I can't keep up with them all. Every day, there's another. And they all take forever to download because they're full of ads and graphics. (Oh, and it's not my connection that's the problem.)

What we need is a knife auction consolidator site that, each day, lists the new knife auctions on all the other sites. You go to this one site, check over this one consolidated list, and, if there's anything that looks interresting, follow the link to the actual auction site. Now that would be useful.

It seems to me that the auction houses would be willing to help someone create such a site by simply e-mailing you the short textual descriptions and the urls of each listing they get each day. The consolidator site would keep a list back perhaps one week (most auctions don't go beyond one week anyway). What as e-bay or Amazon or bladeauction or whatever auction site to loose by this? Their users get better exposure. More people participate. That can only push prices higher. Higher prices mean happier sellers and also bigger commissions for the auction site owners. Is everybody happy? Well I should say.


Not a bad idea. I'm glad to hear Mike and teh crew here are starting one though as this is my favorite sight for knives and knife info. The only down side is that I'm afraid Knives for sale/trade: Individual will die ot with an auction site. Not to mention that the auctions are frustrating in that depending on time zone and schedule it's wasy to lie in wait and pounce on an item at the last minute and then your out. Not to mention it always drives the price of any item higher than it needs to be. Guess I'm being a doomsayer too!!

In any event I hope fellow forumites still use the sale boards as well. It's nicer to be able to buy an item when I'm ready to rather than wait a week for the auction to end and pass up other deals hoping someone doesn't sneak you out of what you are wanting.

Guess I'll stop complaining now.....