Knife Burnout ?

I don't want anymore least right now.
Maybe it's the heat or something.
Instead, I bought a .45 long Colt revolver and a slot machine.
Oh yeah, I also bought a couch and a love seat.
Not quite totally practical, but 50% anyway.
I really needed furniture because the house was so empty it echoed.
Everybody needs a slot machine, and the gun is way cool.
This kinda stuff ever happen to any of you ?
After my Elishewitz comes tomorrow
, I think I'll take a little breather, as I just got a Benchmade Nimravus(Nimrod) yesterday.

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Jul 6, 1999

The only time I remember buying a love seat was as a piece offering, right after I bought a new rifle. I've still got the rifle, but alas the love seat is long gone. I don't remember whether it went when we moved, or failed to make the cut during subsequent redecoration.

Steel is good. It doesn't really matter whether it is flat and has an edge, or round and has a hole down the middle.

I had this syndrome a few months ago. I totally quit working gun / knife shows, visiting the forums, thinking about knives, flicking my knives, lusting after new knives, and everything else that goes with being a knife knut. That only lasted a few weeks and I don't think it negatively reflects upon the status of your "knife knut hood", it just happens. Now Im back in the FULL swing of things and I also have taken up several other hobbies too. I'm pretty well balanced right now. DOn't worry'll come back to you for SURE. May take a few days...weeks...or even months or years, but it WILL come back.

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Bill, I went through that stage too... but I got a futon/sofa and a Ruger 4 5/8" stainless steel Vaquero in .45 LC. Cool revolver and great sofa. But I will always lust after good steel. Be safe! Fish
How do you get knife burnout? My wife is very interested in the concept and wants to see me develop this disease! Just picked up the MOD trident and razorback. Aiming to acquire 2 - more custom folders by tear end...oh, and then there is that combact talon II... and.. and...

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I think I am going through re-appraisal.

I sold a number of Spydercos to buy a Sebenza.

I am thinking about turning my numbers of knives in for high end knives, like a William Henry Persian.

Also just dusted off the pictures on my custom designs.

I think I am getting sick of getting almost what I want.

Planning on buying a .357 here in a couple weeks.

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I really need this burnout problem. If I don't get it soon, my bank account is going to burn out for me with all of these recent custom knife purchases.
"It's better to burn out, than it is to rust"

---Neil Young

Especially with knives! 'Nuff said!

"May you live in interesting times"

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Funny you bring up Knife Burnout...I'm not burned out totally, but I am tired of all the very latest trends and fads and always looking for the next new wonder knife...I think I'm going to chill for awhile and enjoy the knives Ive already got...Think Ive finally maxed out for now, what I will do is go back to where I started...with traditional pocket knives. I hardly ever see any talk or much interest in this on the forums, why? I don't really know.


It's good to take a break once in a while to explore other interests and passions Bill. The trick to any hobby is to enjoy reading and learning about it. It can wear on you if you try to own this or that or the latest. The gun thing sounds interesting but a loveseat? Bill.... you really do need a break!
I don't really get burnout as much as my wallet does. I know what your saying though, everytime I see something I think I might want, I ask myself why?, as I've already got 2 of the best folders made. The Military and the Axis, as well as many others. Also a couple of custom fixed blades by Mel Sorg.(Actually 1 still on the way) I think I'll chill out for a while after this one and maybe wait till I can afford a Sebenza. After all I still have many other expensive hobbies to compete for the old mula.
My interests go back and forth from guns to knives about every year or two.I been through what your going through with the empty house deal.After my devorce i had to go out and buy couches and chairs ect. all over again and had to put the hobbys off for awhile.Before you know you be waitin for that Ups truck every couple weeks.

I think buying a gun is a good excuse for not buying a knife that week. A slot machine ... well, why not? It's something you don't need ... probably annoyed your wife ... it ought to count.

But couches and love seats??? I bought a futon recently and I love it, but that's no excuse for not buying knives! It didn't impair my desire for new knives at all. That's a really lame excuse and you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

You may choose your own penance: either spend an extra six hours training with the ball & string (or whittling, or whatever you do with your knives), or buy yourself a pattern-welded bowie.

-Cougar Allen :{)
I bought a couch once...... but it was only so I had a place to hide knives in the living room. Doesn't that actually make it a sheath?

.... you see, it's all in how ya' look at it. Just hide knives under it, and it still counts as a knife related purchase.

You bought the gun to protect the knife collection......see how it works.

......I still haven't figured how the slot machine fits into the "big picture", but two out of three ain't bad.

Clay G.

The slot machine, of course, is a savings device that will help you accumulate more money for more knives (to continue the train of thought)
Hi Bill.

Burnouts accompany any the change of the season (literal and figurative).

Find some buddies (knife-knuts or otherwise) and let off some steam, or just unload the story of your life on a good friend.

Like someone else suggested, this might be a good time to get re-acquainted with other people and interests.

Knife-knuttiness is a growth, not a foundation (heresy tho that may be here)...burnout may just be telling you to climnb off the branches and water the roots a bit
Take care Bud.


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Sanity check and a bunch of great wisdom.
Yes...I like steel and it is good.
I'm certain that the knife fetish will return, and, of course, I have my VBM-UDT in my pocket today.

The brown truck will arrive sometime this week with back ordered stuff (Carnivour #2 & Mini-Police necklace knife), and theres nothing like opening up those packages.

The pistol is a beautiful/non-tactical thumbuster with a case hardened frame. The bore is amazing. The barrel is 4 1/2" and the balance is right on. The .45 long colt cartridge is a trip in itself-looks the size of a tootsie roll.
The action,sounds,and general feel of the single action is akin to operating the action of a Sebenza or Socom. It's just fun.
It's steel and steel is good.

The slot machine is a reconditioned 1939 Mills 25 cent mechanical model that came from the Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas.
Its black and beautiful.
I figure it will pay itself off in 50 years or so

My ex-wife would never let me have one.
She's now gone and I rule the roost.
Hell, the pistols are laying around everywhere and there's beer cans in the trash.
Er..uh....the loveseat came with the couch.
Actually, its a tactical loveseat now that I'm single

As always, you guys are great.
Later, Bill