Knife flick recommendations

Jun 22, 1999
Well, the ol' crunch at work is winding down and I'm planning on catching up on some movies or videos over the weekend, and thought a good knife flick would make good viewing.

Problem is, I can't remember any knife movies since Alan Ladd's Iron Mistress.

Anyone have any recommendations? The only movies I've seen in recent memory even remotely knife related might be "The Edge" and "Under Siege"...(anyone know what knives they used in those?) Thanks for any suggestions.
The Eye of the Needle with Donald Sutherland.
Here is a good movie with a really scary OTF automatic. Probably a contributing reason to the anti-automatic hysteria.

Dances with lemmings

Schwarzenegger's Predator featured more knives than you can shake a stick at.

Also: First Blood, Rambo, Commando, The Alamo (john Wayne), Blade

By the way: Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Alan Ladd's the Iron Mistress?
The knife Steven Seagal used in Under Siege was a Gerber Mark II. Tommy Lee Jones fought him with a kitchen carving knife in the climactic battle scene.

Under Siege II also features a knife battle, though this time the villain has the Gerber Mark II and Steven is wielding a Mission Knives MPK (or some other Mission Knives model).

If you're in the mood for a cheesey post-apocalyptic sword flick, try Steel Dawn, starring Patrick Swayze.

There's always The Fan starring Robert DeNiro as a knife salesman with a screw loose (though I recall Blade urged its readers to boycott the flick because of its anti-knife bias). And the Danny Glover/Dennis Quaid film Switchback about a serial killer with a big custom bowie.

Though I liked the Rambo films the first time out, I've since decided Sylvester Stallone can meet Mr. Bulk Tape Eraser for all I care, as he's a typical gun-control-advocating Hollywood liberal pinko commie. Very ironic that Rambo is now a communist, but there it is. He gave a TV interview in the wake of the Littleton business advocating door-to-door search and confiscation.

The lockback folder in The Edge was made by a custom knifemaker whose name I forget; there was an article on him in one of the knife magazines back when the film came out. I do remember that he made more than one knife for the film, including a slipjoint version for easy opening during an underwater scene.


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Thanks all .. sounds like a bloody weekend. with Sutherland and Arnold ... at least my wife likes Swayze.

not2sharp: I don't think Iron Mistress is in circulation. I don't see it listed under videos (it wasn't that bad was it?)

Razoredj: Thanks for the background info, but what exactly is a slipjoint knife?
Your basic non-locking folding knife is a slipjoint folder -- you know, a Boy Scout jacknife, a Swiss Army Knife, any non-locking "pen knife," that sort of thing.

If you want to see the old movie that was the major cause for the "switchblade" knife ban, rent "Blackboard Jungle" with Glenn Ford and others, including a very young Sidney Poitier. Another movie where knives play a part is "Gunfight at the OK Corral" with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. If you want to include sword movies, try "The Duelists", "The Vikings", or, of course, "Spartacus".

Walk in the Light of God,

Anybody said EXPOSURE yet? They've got Spydercos(Police) and a whole bunch of Fixed Blades in there.

Geez, do I feel like a dork...I opened up this thread thinking I'd find a tutorial on "new and improved" techniques for flicking open my folders
(yeah, yeah...I know I shouldn't do it)
Ugly Jim: You are not alone! Man, I can't believe I fell for it too, hey, we call flicks MOVIES nowadays people!

"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"
Movies featuring modern blades are rare especially if you're looking for lots of action. The ones that i can think of have already been mentioned, but there's still two that i dug out from the store room in me brain. There is "COBRA" where sly battles a gang with a leader who likes cutting up girls for fun. He uses a fantacy like knife which is vicious looking. How about "a long kiss good night"? Some blade action there too. These movies that i've mentioned have little knife roles in it, but the movies are worth watching. So, enjoy.

Power to the blade and lightsabre.
Oops, sorry Ugly Jim and Stompy.. I have to remember that this forum has a wide age range.

FullerH...I've seen those before, even BB Jungle (see how I've dated myself)...loved those shows especially Spartacus.

Now that sword flicks (er, I mean movies) have been mentioned, there's also Blind Fury - a takeoff on the Japanese Zatoichi (blind swordsman) series.

Still would prefer a movie where the knife is special, ya know what I mean?
Ugly Jim, Stompy; me too! The art of flicking should be addressed. Anyway, a very good movie, aside from the gratuitous bad guy with a knife (Barry The Blade) is "The Client". It looks like a Spyderco Military.
If you want a movie where the knife is special rent "Exposure", with Peter Coyote. It has been mentioned once already(by Valmet), and I was surprised it hasn't been mentioned more. Its a must see movie for us knifemaniacs.


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The knife featured in The Edge was made by Brian Lyttle up in Canada. Probably one of the best movies I've seen in the past few years for pure entertainment value, not necessarily for accuracy. Nice knife too. Very pro-tool/anti-weapon point of view- we need more like it- and less like The Fan (poorly done movie with a bad message) or even Blade (which was pretty entertaining I'll allow).

Nor'east Knives

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I'm having a very hard time finding a copy of Exposure.
Most movies with modern knives in them only show the knives in passing. There's a Spyderco Delica in Anaconda.
There is a Buck 110 and a large combat knife in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
I'd like to see a movie showing a modern Spyderco or Benchmade or other quality brand folder used in a way like the lockback in The Edge. I'm sure the general audience doesn't care a whit, but these portray knives as lifesaving tools rather than fear-inspiring weapons.
James, I'm getting Exposure in the mail soon. We can talk about a deal late.
Once I finally understood the topic of this thread (sorry, but us dumb guys are kind of slow
), I tried to think of some good knife-related movies that haven’t already been mentioned. Unfortunately, I couldn’t come up with any…then it hit me! Why not cue up a copy of Cold Steel’s PROOF video
? It’s a rousing epic featuring lots of exotic weaponry, in which the swashbuckling Lynn T. and his valiant crew do battle with vicious hordes of car doors, paper Vikings, plastic piggies and leather-jacketed cardboard cut-outs! In several thrilling scenes, the gallant CS forces even go head-to-head with the ultimate avatar of Evil, the dreaded Free-Hanging Rope! You’ll be thrilled! You’ll be amazed! It will change your life!

(Due to intense portrayals of extreme violence against inanimate objects and excessive hype, this film may not be suitable for younger or more sensitive viewers)

Or if you’re in the mood for lighter fare, you could just tape an episode of the Knife Collector’s show on the Home Shopping Network. Funniest stuff on TV...
I was fortunate enough to catch one episode of that in which the lead Trained Chimp managed to cut himself. Given the moronic way in which they handle the Chinese knives that comprise the average sale lot, this was bound to happen on camera -- and it was very gratifying to finally see it.

Tim's got a gem there. Sometimes I forget about "The Edge" when I think about knife flicks, but he's right. It's one of the few out there where a knife is used in a positive light.
I think Rubem Fonseca's book-adapted "Exposure" should be re-done since it was done in '92 and really drags in places. Even better, I think the student in the movie should be a woman who herself has been attacked, and Alanis Morrisette should do the entire soundtrack to the film. It came to me in a dream.