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We're leaving again in October for the jungles of Peru and want to take down some new blades to try out. We're looking for suggestions from the smartest blade group on the internet - BladeForums of course!

We've already used the CS SRK, CS LTC, of course several of Livesay's blades, Ontario machetes, and even a small Junglee. We're hoping a Basic 9 will be available before our departure. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Preferably fixed blade. Thanks. - Jeff

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Jeff - Spyderco will donate a Military (CPM-440V - serrated) if you'll use the hell out of it and report when you return. And a 204 Sharpmaker (with eraser).

I've also been told that serrated Delicas make great gifts for winning over the "locals". We've had a few expeditions carry several dozen for that purpose. the "locals" will often wear them on lanyards around their necks. Probably be better with one of Mike Sastre's sheaths.

Email me if you have any interest.

Try taking a couple of Khukuris from Ghurka House. I'd like to see the Mini-Jungle and Sirupati models go along on the trip. They pretty much represent the smallest and largest of the standard models that Craig offers. The Mini is belt-knife sized (around 12" overall) and the Sirupati is 18-20" overall (but light and fast). There have been a few topics posted on the forum recently about the advantages of machetes and khukuris. A real world tryout would answer a lot of questions for some of the forumites.

BTW, need someone to carry your bags in the jungle? If I keep buying knives at the present rate, i'm gonna need a place to hide where the wife won't come after me.


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Hmm, maybe these knives....not sure what exactly your looking for, I'm guessing survivla knives...

SOG Government
SOG Seal 2000
Buck Nighthawk
Benchmade AFCK
Specwar Timberline
Cold Steel Recon Scout
Ka-Bar Next Generation
Chris Reeve Mountaneer
A torch

Barteaux machetes

Ditto on the Kukhris, Gurka House and Himalayan Imports

Ditto on the Marbles especially the Trailmaker


Cold Steel SF Shovel and Vietnam 'Hawk

Something made of Talonite or Titanium or Boye Dnedritic Cobalt

Gransfors Bruks axe

Woodsmans Pal

Kellam Billhook


Strider PAB

Entrek Destroyer

Oh, and cary a neck knife to prove it;s usefulness.

BTW, is there enough people in your crew to carry all this? If not, I would be happy to serve as a porter.....

BTW, I gave you a link on my page.

Marion David Poff aka Eye, one can msg me at If I fail to check back with this thread and you want some info, email me.

Check out my review of the Kasper AFCK, thougths on the AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper.

I don't even know what half the knives Poff listed are. Cold Steel shovel is a good one, that and the SOG's I listed are 3 I'd like to see tested, alomng with the Cold steel Recon Scout, more than anything...
Here are some sugestions:
EDMF Trench Bowie
EDMF Smatchet
Tops Steel Eagle
Mission MPK
Tim Britton's Terminator
Tom Joanning's Tac 11
One of John Richter's Loppers. The design looks well-done and very useful for this application.

One of Aki's ATS-34 machetes. Like to see how ATS-34 really holds up!

A.G. Russell Deerhunter or Bird&Trout. Two smaller fixed blades with amazing edge geometry and a brilliant carry system. Useful for most anything!

Spyderco Moran. Ditto the above on the Russells, but the trailing point format makes it just a touch less interesting than the Russells.


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Ditto on the Spyderco Moran. It would be great if you could get the new version to test. A Spyderco military would be cool too. Also I dont know if you want to take folders or not, but I would be curious as to how the Axis lock or Rolling lock holds up under jungle conditions. How about one of those swedish military survival knives in VG-10? What are they called Falkiven or something like that?


Ditto on the CS shovel. Also maybe a Chris Reeve Project 1, Pocket Chainsaw, anything from Trace Rinaldi or Rob Simonich.
Ditto the AG Russells

Ditto the AKI Machete

Ditto Tom Joanning's Tac 11

Ditto Spyderco Moran

The so-called Seal Knives by everybody. Let's see if the SEALs can survive the Caimans.

Ditto the Pocket Chainsaw and friends

I nominate all sharpened prybars just to prove they are basically worthless as cutting tools, so how about the Timberline Aviator.

Tuff, all of it is on my site if you like...

Marion David Poff aka Eye, one can msg me at If I fail to check back with this thread and you want some info, email me.

Check out my review of the Kasper AFCK, thougths on the AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper.

Yeah, please please please bring a Timberline SpecWar. LOL! I'd love to hear how that performs

I'm suprised no one has mentioned a Mad Dog knife yet.


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Spark -- they're so hard to get, it's almost not worth mentioning! But now that you do mention it, I'd love to see Jeff take a Lab Rat down there. Another small knife with excellent edge geometry. My favorite of Mad Dog's knives.

And speaking of that, I'd of course love to have Jeff take a TTKK from Trace Rinaldi down there!

Jeff, I might have some knives to donate to the cause. Do you have your own way to get these knives for free, or can you use our help? I realize there's no guarantee the knife won't rust away or get busted to pieces.

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How about some of the Mora blades ? I've picked up a few of the carbon steel Eriksson lately, a couple of different models for $5 to $12 each, the stainles is also supposed to be good, and they're amazingly nice little knives for the money. The model that Ragnar offers has a blade of 4in, a bit over 3/32in thick and a bit over 3/4in wide. Light duty but easy to touch up as you won't be worrying about keeping a pretty looking edge.

It'd be interesting to see how a lighter weight khukuri would do as they're evidently a tough blade.

The 5 inch or so Fallkniven (?) Swedish knife looks interesting, as it seems to be quite a bit lighter than the 6in model.

Colorado Cutlery has an interesting looking 'Scout' of about 5 inches, micarta handles, 1095, robust looking spear type point.

I like my Dozier for edge holding, well for everything else too, but I don't know how much abuse it will take and I won't be finding out with my knife :^)

Thanks for asking, and also for such informative reviews.

Thanks for all the suggestions and input.

Unfortunately, we're limited to pack weight on this trip. Even though I would like to try try them all, I'm trying to stick with one folder, one sheath, and one bush blade for the trip. Of course the other participants are bringing their own blades also.

Spyderco has offered to donate a Military provided we use the hell out of it and report back. Not a problem - we have accepted that offer.

We're also seriously considering a Fallkniven that someone suggested in this thread - the smaller 'survival' knife from them looks like it will make a good general use blade as well as dressing and skinning chores. We will probably buy this piece from The Knife Center.

Craig from Gurkha House has emailed us about a Sirupati. I'm not familiar with that piece and have asked him to send me some info about it. Will be interesting to put this in the hands of the indigs and see what they think.

Any feedback on these selections would be appreciated. - Jeff

Randall's Adventure & Training

I would really like to see the Sirupati tested down there to see how the design works out as a machete and chopper but my concerns outweigh my interest. I just don't think it will hold up to well. Mainly, its corrosion resistance and sheath scare me. The sheath is leather and we all know how that does in the jungle. I wouldn't want a 20 inch blade with no sheath either. But then again if its free go for it.

thanks and take care