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knife tests .com?

Discussion in 'Knife Reviews & Testing' started by MikePerrin, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. MikePerrin


    Feb 26, 2001
    Does anybody know who runs the www.knifetests.com outfit that does destruction testing on knives? Their web site has no contact or identifying info on it and I sort of like to know who I'm dealing with before handing them anything to test. The tests are only videos with no write ups. I'm on dial up still so viewing the videos is not an option. I looked at the "testing methodology" but it's an inane pictograph showing a bottle of Wild Turkey and a hammer. Not very reassuring about the methodology used to test knives. I can appreciate a sense of humor but not when someone is asking me to give them knives to test free of charge. They also listed the RTAK II as an upcoming test but I haven't even responded to the request yet so that listing might be a little premature.:) Mike
  2. noss4


    Jul 7, 2006
    I run Knife tests.com if you email me I will provide you with all my info and phone number.

    Please Reply to the email I originally sent you.

  3. xanax

    xanax Banned by Moderators

    Nov 30, 2006
    Dial up. They still have that?:D
  4. diceman


    Jan 1, 2007
    I LIKE a little humor - great outfit you've got NOSS
  5. ashtxsniper


    Oct 28, 2006
    wow dial up sucks. Noss I see you will test the seal 2000 awesome.
  6. hlee


    Dec 5, 2005
    MikePerrin, if you are looking to have noss4 test a knife you own, then send him one that you don't mind having broken. That is the idea of the "tests." He will bend them in a vice, chop them through 2x4s, stab them through metal chairs, hammer on them with sledge hammers etc... until they break. The methodology is "what can I do to break this knife, and how many times can I do it before it breaks? But, I'm not going to count how many times because that would approach being quantitative, and that is baaaaad. And, I'm never going to do tests the same way becasue that would almost be scientific, and science is baaaad" If there were a write up, it would be " I bent it in a vice until the tip broke, then I chopped through some wood, then I beat the knife with a hammer until the blade broke. This knife was/wasn't tough. Another knife broken, yeah."

    I have no problem with him breaking his own knives, but I wouldn't send him one of mine, or let his "tests" color my knife purchasing.

    His tests are mildly entertaining, for about a minute, but I can't get past the corny costumes.
  7. noss4


    Jul 7, 2006
  8. DirkDiggler


    Mar 7, 2005
    noss4,, LMAO!! :D :thumbup:

    If you want to make your site even more funny, add a bunch of made up numbers and figures that make no sense what so ever. Wait a minute. That has all ready been done. ;)

  9. noss4


    Jul 7, 2006
    If your referring to the numbers and letters at the bottom of the page they
    have a purpose. They are not for for individual viewers of the page.
  10. DaveH


    Dec 2, 1999
    he's referring to Cliff Stamp's reviews.
  11. xanax

    xanax Banned by Moderators

    Nov 30, 2006
    noss4 in the 1/4 kabar test when did the tip break off? i missed that one. thanks
  12. hlee


    Dec 5, 2005
    Cliff's reviews are very data intensive and are of limited value for the opposite reason that noss4's are if limited value. Most people don't know if a force of 48 piconewtons required to cleanly cut a blonde human hair of 40 micrometer diameter at sea level and 302 Kelvin is good, bad, or indifferent. And, the vast majority can't make heads or tails of blunting diagrams and really don't care about the difference in blunting caused by deformation, abrasion, and chipping.

    It would be great if there were a middle ground:

    "I bent the knife to x degrees wihch did/not induce a permanent set.
    I bent the knife to y degrees which did/not break the tip.
    Out of the box the knife was/not sharp enough to cut (Material).
    I chopped longways through a 2x4 z number of times requiring a to g swings per cut.
    The knife did/not break.
    The knife was/not sharp enough to cut (Material).
    I used a sledge of weight w to hammer the knife through a cinder block.
    It too p number of blows.
    The knife did/not exhibit chipping, and was/not sharp enough to cut (Material).
    I re-viced the knife and bent it to r degrees which did/not break the spine.
    I hammered on the knife until it broke. It took q blows.
    This knife was/not tough.
    Another knife broken.
  13. hardheart


    Sep 19, 2001
    so your middle ground is eliminating the visual presentation and moving it back to abstraction which is completely dependent on an individual's ability to relate to text descriptions of usage.
  14. noss4


    Jul 7, 2006
    I was messing around with the knife in the vise and broke the tip I didn't have the camera running. After that I got the camera out and did the test.

    It took about a dozen 30 degree flexes before the tip broke. It is not on camera so don't take my word for it.
  15. noss4


    Jul 7, 2006
    I looking forward to the SOG 2000. I'm glade your are to.
  16. MikePerrin


    Feb 26, 2001

    It is my own knife in a way. I am one of the designers of the RAT series of knives that Ontario produces. I received a request from knifetest.com for donated knives (RTAK II and others) to test. I wanted more info than was on the web site since I had never heard of it. I have since gotten a little more info from noss4 about the tests. I still do not know the identity of the people doing the testing. I don't like dealing with 'unknown scientists' nor do I know what qualifications or background the testing personnel have. Since both Ka Bar and Becker products were also listed on the site I called friends at those two references to try and validate knifetests.com as a credible testing source. Neither company donated any knives to knife tests.com so I would assume noss4 bought the knives to test. This would be in keeping with the stated position of remaining totally uninfluenced and unbiased. So to not upset that record I will decline donating any RAT knives to knife test.com to destruct. I am sure noss4 will buy the knives he intends to destroy and complete his 'tests'. I will reserve donating knives to soldiers and law enforcement who need the tools. Thank you all for the input. Mike
  17. noss4


    Jul 7, 2006
    Becker and K-bar was never asked to donate. I did buy these knives.

    I do like how you chose to make this public since I contacted you in private.
    and then provided you with all my info and phone number. Very very interesting.

    I look forward to testing your knife. It will be treated the same as all have before it. Good luck.

    I know who has my contact info and who doesn't so if this is leaked I know by who.
  18. Rigson


    Jan 17, 2006
    :thumbup: Well said and well done Mike!
  19. Rat Finkenstein

    Rat Finkenstein Gold Member Gold Member

    May 18, 2005
    Yeah, look out now- noss4's paranoid delusions are starting up again.

    Strider offered him a free knife, and he promptly accused them of attacking him, then accused everyone else of being in the employ of Strider.

    Only now he is contacting companies and trying to get free donations. . . that is "very very interesting". :jerkit:
  20. hlee


    Dec 5, 2005
    Heardhart, I'm not advocating eliminating the videos, maybe the costumes, but not the videos. I should have made that more clear. It would be nice if the "tests" followed a standard protocol that would allow one to compare two knives that were tested equally. However, this seems to be in contradiction to the stated goals of remaining completely a-scientific. And, it would be nice to have a writeup of the results of the "tests" in order put some numbers to them. For me, "I wanted to break the knife and I did" isn't sufficient.

    Quoted from Noss4
    "It took about a dozen 30 degree flexes before the tip broke."

    This is perfect. There is real information there. Contrast the above to the following hypothetical quote. "The tip of the knife broke off when I bent it in a vice." The second doesn't have any info. Everyone would expect the tip of any knife to break, eventually, when bent severely. Just one man's opinion, but if you are going to break a knife you may as well get some information from it.
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