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Nov 15, 1998
I would like to hear what the 3 things you use your knife for on a daily basis, and be honest. I will then test a knife based on this information and post it on this forum. I figure since we have some SAE's here I will test to there uses. Oh by the way it will be a knife that I own and did not receive from a company as a benefit for writing this article.

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Blue Skies,

What kind of knife is it? Or is that supposed to be a surprise?

My most common uses for a knife are usually realted to preparing food and opening packages.

1. Slicing and peeling food
2. Opening packages (plastic bags, boxes, mail, etc.)
3. Emergency preparedness (not an actual "use", or is it?

David Rock

OK, here's my three,

1. Sharpening pencils.
2. Peeling and cutting fruit.
3. Opening mail and boxes.

What an exciting life I lead

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How about trimming nails and shaving callusus. I frequently cut a thread hanging from my cloths. Opening boxes and packages is very common. And there's always opening the mail. More impressive jobs are less frequent. I installed a new phone jack the other day, though, and there was plenty of knive work on that task.


Three things?

1. Well, pencil is right up there, I always check how the edge is made by how steep an angle I have to use to sharpen a pencil, some knives just don't have what it takes to do it well.

2. Cardboard boxes, at least once a day at work. Some knives cut with ease others don't.

3. Plastic tie wraps, the kind used to keep wires together, the real tough thick kind, the new Harpy from Spyderco really makes those very easy to do, also it's lessens the chance of slicing into a wire, the hook is great for this. Plastic is not always easy to cut, chisel edges are best for that and the serrated edge is made up of nothing but lots of little razor sharp chisel edge curves.

4. Hair off my left arm, everyday, just to check the edge (oops, that's four, so take one out)


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Let's see:
1) Cleaning fingernails (when not in class I work as a bike shop mechanic, so I am constantly scraping crud from under my nails...)
2) OPen/break down boxes and mail.
3) Cutting the odd thread off clothes or hair mat off dogs. Pretty boring, eh? This review will suck, so far! ;-) Hopefully we'll get some military men or terrorists or somebody in on this...;-)
At the office, a normal day consists of opening mail, cutting various ties/banding/etc like you see on pvc pipe and cardboard boxes along with other random tasks as needed. The hardest office chore I have found to be remotely routine is removing metal pack staples - you know those copper colored ones that could be used mend a broken logging chain

On the farm, a construction site, or loading dock stripping wire, cutting wire (who needs a wire cutter with a good knife?), punching the tops out of cans, and similar abuse are more typical of my use. Of course, I also open those pesky wrappers that deny me nourishment

Heya Rob, hows it going? Here are my everyday uses
1-Repel attacks by cutting the gun barrels off the M-16's of Terrorists and ATF guys.(same thing)
OK, really
1-I use my knife a lot where I work cutting thick cloth off of big drum filters, this stuff is impregneted with ground sand, (gold ore)
2-Wash off the knife and eat my lunch with it if I have anything that needs cutting.
3-Trim the calluses off my fingers so they dont snag the dang sheets in bed!
Also do a lot of box and mail opening, scraping the dang filiment tape off every piece of steel I get, etc etc

The three most common daily uses for my carry knives are:
1. Opening packages & letters
2. Trimming hangnails
3. Being borrowed by co-workers to do both of the above

1 Flicking!
2 Flicking!!
3 And more Flicking!!!
What can I say, I've got a Flicking! habit, Chris. Top of Texas Knives

How mundane:

1. Boxes and letters
2. Straps holding price tags
3. Thread

I could probably wear out a SAK in roughly
236 years doing this. I've sharpened it once in 2 years.
2)pruning and maintenance of fruit trees and veggie plants; harvesting and grafting; cutting drip tape and tubing, smoothing PVC pipe and fittings; whittling/shaving shims and wedges and other "fitting" procedures.
3) food manipulation
1) stabbing steel drums and car doors
2) stabbing people
3) robbing banks

ok ok, i don't do any of those things, but i tell you, those envelopes and cardboard boxes are vicious when they attack!
Well, if we are talking fixed blades, I will use my thicker, heavier ones to chop, carve, strike and stab wood. I will use them to pry wood crates open, pallets etc.

My folders I use mostly for cutting boxes, packages, food, fruits, as screw drivers(don't yell at me!), paint scrapers, etc.

I was going to toss in some anti-terrorist stuff but I was beaten out.

Cutting plastic cable wraps
Cutting up carboard boxes
Opening plastic wrap in which lunches are packed (you've got to reach the food to consume it).

Where's ORION when you need him ?
(for those of you who wonder about this post, take a look at the daily carry thread from 2-3 days ago...)


Dang it, forgot to put in my uses:
1. Opening mail
2. Cutting paper
3. Cutting stray threads

Hmmm...sounds like the most popular uses of knives could be done with plastic-ware from McDonalds
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Three things I have used my Small Sebenza to cut today;

1) Rope
2) Plastic sheeting
3) To open box containing my new Large Decorated Sebenza.

That last one is not a daily occurence, sadly.

I work in the molding and testing labs for an injection molding material supplier. I carry a small Sebenza every day, and use that or my Rinaldi TKK. My big three would probably be:

1) Trimming flash and de-gating parts during experimental material molding trials or running prototype parts.

2) Boxes, envelopes, and food wrappers.

3) Disemboweling mutants from the toxic swamp next door. Well, not really.

3, again) The occaisional breaking down of corrugated cardboard shipping gaylords used to ship quantities of plastic pellets. (For a better description of my usual uses, see my Rinaldi TKK test at

If there was a #4, it would be disemboweling mutants. Damn, I hate mutants.

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