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knifenuts in Illinois

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Jan 18, 1999
Just wondering who else (besides savman, and gwinny) resides in IL.

Civilian "Military" fans unite!!!

Well, I'm not in Illinois, but I'm as close as you can get without living there. 95% of my extended family lives in Illinois, and I've probably spent 25% of my life there visiting them. Plus, I live right over the river from you guys in Davenport, IA. Everyone in the Quad Cities ought to just consider themselves Illowans.

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On Two Wheels
Kankakee, far enough away to actually enjoy Chicago!

Life is a journey, not a guided tour -- GO ARMED!

I'm moving back there soon(Hanover Park). Can't wait to go. CJ how close to O'hare??

Civilian "Military" fans unite!!!

Gadget Guy,
Do you go to school at NIU? Maybe I'll run into you sometime on campus, as I'll be there this fall for my junior year.


P.S. Prigger, it's about time you came home!
I'm in Schaumburg, sandwiched between (more or less) Itasca and Hanover Park. The NW Suburban Knife Belt?
i'm afraid i'm not a student but a townie LOL. however i'd gladly share a pitcher and a pizza this fall. have a great day.
Well, Rick, that sounds like a good deal, as I've heard Dekalb has some good pizza joints! But, no college town should be without one, right?! Pizza and brew, perfect American past time...

I too live in IL, not so far away from Chicago in the suburb of Hinsdale.
NW Burbs Knifebelt rules!

Sorry, the cubs/sox thing, crosstown part two tonite...

am in schaumburg, DaveB is in Chicago Lincln Park area. Dare I mention the concept of Chicago Bladeforums Breakfast on sunday morning some week, not to be like those trendsetters in DC, but we need our own power base here in midwest.

By the way, I am picking up Becker KNife and tool Big Camp KNife (Jery Fisk Design) tonite, as well as Ek fighter. Drool, boys and girls, soon I will be two steps closer to the penultimate collection (which I wold believe a buddy of mine has and I am buying piecemeal...)
I'm up for it(the breakfast thing), but I won't be in town till the middle/end of the month. Where would everyone want to eat? I think a lunch would be better, though? Portillo's maybe(I ate there for the first time in three years, mmm-mmm good!)??
What are the good shows(gun and knife) to go to? I think there's some at Dupage Co. fairgrounds, but I could be mistaken.
Parker, I picked up an Ek spear point at GAT guns in Dundee, 3 weeks ago for a song...it's my third one too.

Civilian "Military" fans unite!!!

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NW Burbs is where it's at!

I'd have to suggest Uncle Bill's Diner on Roselle Rd. just north of the Elgin-O'Hare XPWY (which doesn't reach Elgin or O'Hare, and isn't an expressway. But don't get me started...).

Good down home eats for less, and very centrally located!

Don't know about the gun shows locally, but for knives, there's the Badger show in the spring, the Edgarton, WI show in the late fall, and the Chicago show in September.
Hey my wife is from Schaumburg and has family in Kankakee.(small world huh)Parker we have a Livesay dealer in Champaign - hes all out of knives right now thanks to me!Also Parker please do some more reviews the Uji review you did a while ago was great.Its nice to know there are other knife people around here.Now my wife doesn't think I'm such a wacko.

Troy Webber
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