knifenuts in Illinois

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I'm 17 miles east of Belleville ILL. Any other southern ILL people?
scott w
By the way,If any of you get down this way there is a good store to see called Grand Prarie Knives,in Troy ILL.Very nice.They keep up on all the latest goods including a large selection of Case knives.
scott w
Chiro-It's C&SKnives the location,phone#and email are on Newts site under dealer list hope this helps.

Troy Webber
As for knife shows, the Edgerton, WI show (in the fall) is OK, but small. The Badger knife show in Janesville (in the spring...March?) was really good this year. The A.E.C.A show at the Oak Lawn Pavilion in mid-September is really good, last year was a blast! That's a must-see. Also, there are gun/knife shows at the Lake Co. Sportsmans Show in Grayslake, IL (Lake Co. fairgrounds) every month except Jun, Jul, Aug. Those were really big shows just a few years back, but with all the heat on gun shows lately, they've really thinned down. Any of you Chicago-ites can get most of the latest knife stuff from Moore Quality Cutlery (Gary Moore) located in Lockport, IL. Anyone needing something west of the city, contact me! So, you wanna' get together for some flim-flam/chow?
Hey, Ben (troy), you are a nut and your wife is right, but don't let that phase you, it sems that those of us here are cannot find anyhing better to do than to verbate on knives we abuse in stupid fashion. I just bought Becker Knife and tool Magnum Camp Knife (Jerry Fisk Design !!) and a BKT Brute (massive trauma inducing) and EK Commando with 1 1/2 edges, nice for something called a mid-blade grip. Old CODO stuff with the mid blade, used when your knife hand has been tied up. Maybe the Beckers need to be abused a bit just to show what they can do. Magnum Camp is a scary slicer and poker, left the lienie case and coke case in shears seconds later.

Prigger, I looked at the spear point last night, wa not all th impressed by it, only b/c the handle will not retain as well as standard Ek design, but for what it was (we need 100,000 of these next week) good knife. Lake County Gun Show is god selection of edges and guns, but in the last two years there is too much of a x-factor there for my taste (the gov't did...sshhh...the secret gov't...) Not something need to hear, I' just here to buy lethal weapons I mean sporting goods. Itasca, Hangover Park, right here in my back yard.
Thanks Chad, Yea why not a get-together???
How them gloves holding up BTW?

Civilian "Military" fans unite!!!

Okay, I have seen other folks want to get together, Uncle Bill's is a nice enough joint and more to the point, they will not hustle us out if we keep buying soft dirnks and coffee, so when is the obvious question. I am of the notion for the time being that a Sunday morning is best, I may be mistaken, and I also may start training additionally on Sunday mornings or afternoons. Who else has an idea about a time or day of the week? Friday nights are right out for me, incidentally.
I just read your post parker, thanks for the info. I still awaiting my orders. I could be there next week, could be there this weekend, I'm not sure... I may have to bring the old lady, cause she's new to the area, and I'd be wrong and in the doghouse at the same time. Uncle Bill's Diner sounds great though.
Actually, Sunday morning in Uncle Bill's is a tough one. There aren't a whole lot of tables, and that's peak traffic time for them, so while they may not hustle us out...In retrospect, this may not have been such a good idea...

There's always Papa's Pizza at Nerge and Plum Grove for a Sunday afternoon, though, or the Omega further west on Wise!

Definitely won't hustle us out, and there's beer!

I'm trying to stay cheap and to the south and west of Woodfield. Maggiano's at the old 1 Schaumburg Place would also be good if we want to deviate from that.
I like the sound of food and drinks...
I'll eat anywhereas long as it's not chinese or seafood. I would like to recommend a place that has a private room so we won't scare anyone when a knife is displayed.

Civilian "Military" fans unite!!!

Awww - That was going to be half the fun!
Should have seen the crowd at Damon's across the parking lot from the Badger Show when we had the TKC-L dinner! Lots of sharp, shiny stuff out in public and lots of really interesting faces on the "cutlery impaired"!
I'm not real knowledgeable on the carry laws for knives there, hence the privacy... If it's cool with everyone else, it doesn't matter to me.

Civilian "Military" fans unite!!!


3 Relevant IL State Statutes:

720 ILCS 5/33A-1:

(a) "Armed with a dangerous weapon". A person is considered armed with a dangerous weapon...when he or she carries on or about his or her person or is otherwise armed with a Category I, Category II, or Category III weapon.
(b)...A Category II weapon is any...knife with a blade of at least 3 inches in length, dagger, dirk, or switchblade knife. stilletto, axe, hatchet...

720 ILCS 5/24-1:
(a) A person commits the offense of unlawful use of weapons when he knowingly:...
(2) Carries or possesses with intent to use the same unlawfully against another a dagger, dirk, billy, dangerous knife, razor, stiletto, broken bottle...

720 ILCS 545/1 Sec. 1:
It is unlawful for any person to board or attempt to board any commercial or charter aircraft, having in his possession any firearm, explosive of any type or other lethal or dangerous weapon.

Take these for what they're worth. I'm not a lawyer, and will not even attempt to dissect them. These were obtained on line, and may have changed since they were printed (6/2/99). Neither myself nor Bladeforums should be held in any way accountable for this information, or actions taken based upon it.
Thanks Brian for the quick and accurate reply.

Civilian "Military" fans unite!!!

You guys know that there's an AECA (American Edge Collectors Association) meeting this coming Sunday in Oak Lawn at the American Legion Hall on Ridgeland & 105th (Sorry, I don't have the exact address but they put out a sign that says Knife Show - FREE). They meet the 3rd Sunday of every month from 7:00 - 12:30

Just thought I'd mention it because I've enjoyed the mini shows that they have there. Nice guys, coffee, donuts etc.

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I don't think I'll be able to make that one.
Wish I could though... About how many people show up at that show??



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Well it varies if the weathers bad more show up. I'd say 12 - 15 people selling actively and another 60 - 75 lookers, traders and just plain folks.

If you like knives you'd enjoy it.
Okay, this weekend is crappy for me, training Sunday Morning and no way I miss a session. Too much fun to be had. Also, for the record I am not re-upping my boxing gym. For the same cost as what I would be charged to re-up, I can buy a nice leather heavy bag full length and an everlast bag stand, plus I can kick it in my own basement, maybe even build my own bag stand with dip and pull up bars. Sweetie and I have already worked out the training ruels.may be playing with a big knife.
2-pounding noises mean I am slamming the bag

1-do not come into basemnent unannounced, I 3- a large scream means call 911--I have just cut myself badly and have seconds to live.
4-do not be upstairs when I get finished unless you have cold beer for me (kidding on that, warm beer is okay as long as it is not Old Style)

Third or last weekend is good for me, the Beer and Pizza (Papa's) joint sounds great. Brian, Maggiano's blows...much better Italian at la Casa Bella, down Golf Road, across from the Hoffman Estates PD, for a whole lot less. A private room is not a bad idea, just warn the staff ahead of time we are sort of forming a collector's club and may from time to time will have large sharp scary toys out in view. Leave the food and brew at the door, send in the pretty waitstaff....wait, wrong forum for that club...
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