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Knifeworld issues, other items (more added later)

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Jan 27, 2007
Traditional patterns sale thread: http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/s...Case-Parker-Remington?p=15868633#post15868633

Standard sales rules apply:
- These will ship within a few days after payment is received, depending on the size of the item. Shipping details are listed with each item. (I'll confirm tracking info when available)
- First I'll take it here gets it, followed by PM or email. Ya'll know the drill. (All questions or other communications need to be PM'd or emailed to me through my profile.)
- PayPal preferred; USPS money orders okay too.
- Depending on the value of the item, USPS First Class or Priority (insured) shipping and PayPal fees included in the price. PM for my PayPal info.
- Shipping to the U.S. 50 states & territories only. (As long as I don’t have to deal with customs, we're good.)
- By buying any item listed here from me, buyer states they are 18 or older, and buyer is responsible for knowing and following the laws regarding ownership of these items in your area.
- Some of this is only being sold so I can have more room. If some of you knifeknuts are into this stuff, here you go.

Knife World – 14 issues. $20. Given to Trent Rock 13.5" x 11.5" newsprint format, not magazine size. July, August and December 2009 and January through November 2010. Sept./Oct./Nov. 2009 missing, I didn’t start the subscription until December 2009.

The lead articles are:
July 2009: "Collecting by Blade Steel" and "Carl Hallenbeck - Bladesmith"
August 2009: "Knife Industry Battles U.S. Customs" and "A Leathery Tale"
December 2009: "Traditional Pocketknives" and "Spatulas and Such"
January 2010: "Vietnam CISO/SOG Knives" and "Fit for a Queen - The No. 25 Jet"
February 2010: "The Tested XX Trademark" and "Knives of Robbins of Dudley"
March 2010: "Scale Release Knives" and "Ken Erickson Hones His Craft"
April 2010: "The Origin of Marble's Woodcraft" and "Knifemaker Peter Bromley"
May 2010: "Browning Knives 1969-1975" and "Big, Bad, Beauties"
June 2010: "Great Eastern Cutlery" and "George Guthrie, Man of Steel"
July 2010: "Schatt & Morgan sets 1991-2010" and "Sharp & Locked pen Encore"
August 2010: "The Swedish Mora Knife" and "It's Rhea as in 'Ray'"
September 2010: "Utica's First Century" and "Ruana's Vic Hangas - The Real Deal"
October 2010: "Santa Fe Stoneworks" and "Buck's White Melamine Fixed Blades"
November 2010: "The Three Grizzlies" and "Designed by Elmer Keith"

The $20. Covers freight and my time; not looking to make anything on these. Just figured I'd pass them on to someone who wants them. Will ship by parcel freight, cheapest way possible. It will be an odd-sized package, so I'm not spending a lot on shipping.

More added later.

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