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Krein K9 Dingo FS

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Feb 20, 2008
Im having to reluctantly letting this one go. It is #27 out of the first 50 made. Steel is 3V, and comes with its original Sheath. Smoke finish blade.

SPF Shipped and Insured in the CONUS. Paypal or USPS MO is fine.
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What are the specs?
Blade length?
Overall length?
Handle Material? And color as think your pictures are B/W.
Sheath type?
Finally if possible can you post a picture of it lying flat.
The pics are not black and white.. Dimanesions are 10 1/2 overall, 5 inch blade, Black leather sheat it came with..
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From Tom's description=:thumbup:Overall length is a hair over 8 1/2" with a 3 5/8" cutting edge. Blade stock will be 3/16" as stated.

And may I add, An awesome design/knife and in 3v a great hard use knife!!
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Well this one is quite larger then that. Its 10.5 overall, and a 5 inch blade. It has not been used, and still has the original edge.
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