I can do a review of the Gurkha House khukuri, not a problem. My perspective is one of heavy utility so that needs to be taken into consideration. Anyway, Craig, if you want me to have a look at one be specific about how far you want me to go with the testing and what do you want me to look at. Do you want general performance (slicing, chopping, splitting, digging), toughness (edge durability, point stability, gross blade strength), misc. (handle ergonomics, edge holding, ease of sharpening, corrosion resistance), fit and finish (surface polish, grinds, scabbard stitching, blade fit), or all of the above.

Note that the toughness tests are fairly likely to cause gross damage to the khukuri. The most informative test would just be one where I actually broke the blade and then I could comment on exactly what its limits were. I can understand however why you might consider that to be a problem so instead of actually pushing it to its limit I can instead just take it to where it starts to feel like it is going to give. This is not a guarantee that I won't break it but unless the steel has severe flaws I can usually guess this pretty well. I could simply not do any toughness testing as well as a lot of people are not concerned about this aspect as they don't desire prybar strength in a large knife. Nor do they need extreemly durable edges as the knives will be primarly woodworking tools. So if you are marketing your khukuris along these lines I would take that into account.

Anyway, none of the testing would contain any artifical means like putting a bar on the blade it would be just actual field use.

I 100th the motion for Cliff to do the testing. Besides, he already has H.I. khukuri to compare to.
Where can I get a HI kukri? I'm tempted to do my own comparison.TIA,

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail!

Military "Military" fans unite!!!
Prigger, from HI of course

Bill Martino who handles the US end of the company moderates a forum on BladeForums.com. Just scroll down and pop in.

Cliff, go ahead and give the Gurkha House khukuri whatever test you want. I think that knowing what it takes to break one of my knives would be valuable information, as long as you'd document the results. I'll put one in the mail to you early next week. All I ask is that you return the knife (or parts!), so I can post the results on my website. Email me your address if you haven't already. And have fun!

Gurkha House update: I just got in a new shipment yesterday, and it contains three new models: one with an engraved 18 inch blade, a huge khukuri used to behead buffalos, and a 15 incher with the only difference from my other 15 inchers being a patent leather case. This isn't an advertising ploy, but a response to an earlier comment about my limited product line. I must admit that I only have a couple of each new model, but will order volume next time now that I've seen the samples.

If your Khukuri comes out even reasonably well on Cliffs tests you'll probably see at least a modest increase in sales.

I just had a thought (lightbulb). What about a discount for BladeForums guys? We love good Khukuris here.
Ok Craig, will do. The review will be documented with pictures, before and after to show the effects of various tests. Note to anyone wondering I never do this type of thing alone. I always have people with me. When you are working with an unfamilar tool bad things can easily happen and I like to have someone around in case it does. Besides its always nice to get someone to comment and make sure your personal preferences are not biasing a result.

The review will be in several parts. The first will be just a general note on fit and finish as well as comments on grip, balance etc. The second will be on light work; slicing, chopping, splitting etc. The third will be on heavier work of a similar nature but just using materials that are a little tougher to handle. The fourth will cover strength/toughness (prying and impacts). Note that I live right next to the ocean and the weather is currently snow/slush/hail etc. so how the knife stands up to this is a decent indication of enviromental strength. I'll post the text parts as I write them. The pictures should follow shortly.

Anyone wanting to see how the khukuri handles a particular type of task just drop me a line either in this thread or by email. As long as its practical for me to do and actually reflects field use (I have a fairly wide stance on what this) I'll probably do it.


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Cliff, whatever you do, I'm sure it will be fair, so do like you have done to your H.I.'s, except for dropping it from a large height,haha.

I am interested in your comparison of the ease of sharpening, edge holding qualities, and how the blades respond to steeling, in addition to the other factors you mentioned.
Those aspects I will cover as they are extreemly important. While I do look at the supplied innitial edge and do some work with it, the main testing is done with an edge that I put on the knife. This is all that matters to me as I am not going to be sending it back to be resharpened.

Edge holding I will comment on as well. It is interesting to note that its not all just about making a really hard edge. Well it is for some knives. For example if I was getting a light duty knife I would like a really ultra hard thin edge, but on a heavy utility knife you have to make a bit of a trade off and give up a bit of abrasion resistance to get some durability. What good does it have to have an edge that works well on rope and wood but as soon as you do some heavier work it chips out. I will be cutting on a large range of materials including some things that you don't like to have to chop but sometimes you have too (like say bone for example). Its nice to know just how much damage and what kind (impact or chipped) so you will know what you have to be able to repair and can bring along the right tools.

Greetings everyone. Just got back from a knife and gun show, and my khukuris were a hit there. Cliff will be getting a 15" Army Service Model (also called Service #1) for his thrashing pleasure. I'm mailing it out tomorrow. He should get it by next week. So, stay tuned.
Hello, I just found this forum and found several things quickly interesting - Having recently returned from the Kingdom of Nepal I can attest to the fact that the Nepal Army is issued a Khukuri Knife that is all their own. It is slightly smaller than the standard issue knife issued to the Ghurka soldier, but no less impressive. I was able to meet and spend time with the foremost manufacturer of Khukuri in Nepal and discovered over a dozen specific varieties of khukuri knives. So impressed that I have begun importing them as Khukuri Knives of Nepal. www.magicnet.net/~llinden Several customers have suggested I might offer my knowledge and experience with Khukuri knives to this forum. Dan
Dan - Nice to hear a confirmation that the Nepalese Army does issue khukuris. I felt myself confused when Bill Martino said I could not buy a Nepalese issue khukuri since there is no such thing. Makes me wonder about Bill's knowledge about issue khukuris. Ossi
Ossi, I take exception to your insulting comment about Bill. I will quote your original statement; "Current military issue with the ghurka troops in Nepalese Army". Bill replied to you that there are no ghurka's in the Nepalese army and he is right. He also stated that there still are ghurka's in service in the english and Indian armies. Maybe you should reread your own thread. And as for knowledge, Ossi, I would believe and trust what many other on this board or the H.I. board before I would believe someone who is just a passing foreigner in a country. I understand that you are willing to believe even what a rock would tell you if it conflicted with someone who pointed out your error. So to coin your last phrase with some minor changes "it makes me wonder about the unbias of someone who is willing to believe anything that an unknown first time post-er says".

I believe Craig at cystern is selling a descent product, as I have one of his khukuri's that I purchased and will compare because it appeared to be of good quality. I also think Craig is a good honest guy who believes in his product and is willing to offer an equal guarantee on his khukuri's. But there will be many other fly-by-night's that will just import and not care about quality and when you get stiffed they will be gone.

I believe that when cliff reviews the khukuri and I will do my review also on the one that I purchased, the results will be good and the khukuri will be most likely considered of good quality. In fact if his khukuri's do well, he may even have to do a price increase to be comparable as supplies will not last. Will I buy from Craig, yes, but I will also buy from Bill, as his khukuri's are always consistent and I feel that he is selling an excellent product.

So, getting back to the point, before you question someones knowledge who has family in the ghurkas and has been dealing and going to Nepal alot you better question yourself and the other as to your motives. I could probably make several phone calls today and tomorrow and get a supplier of khukuri's to send me large quantities of them, put a web site and off I go, khukuri importer. It's easy to do. Bill and his wife control the entire process and at least Craigs khukuri's come from a maker that Bill knows.

By the way Dan, are you willing to provide unconditional guarantee like Bill and Craig are. Do you want to send a khukuri to Cliff for testing to see if it will stand up to the abuse. Mind you, if anyone can break a knife it's probably Cliff and he has not broken the H.I. khukuri's yet.

I for one am willing to pay the extra for consistency in quality.
Ossi, what Bill said was:

there are no Gurkha troops in the Nepal Army

So if you get a khukuri that is issued to the Nepal army it is not a khukuri that the Gurkha's use, they are two different things.

Craig, I live pretty far out in the sticks so it will take about 2 weeks for me to get anything shipped by standard USPS airmail. Priority is a bit better but only by a few days. I'll drop you a line when it gets here.


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My, My.
I didn't mean to make you angry. The knives produced by H. I. are fine knives. Who could argue with this? Over the last thirty years I have seen many fine Khukuri knives in Nepal, India and in Pakistan, although they are generally thought to be the National knife of Nepal. I can identify at least a dozen types of khukuri knife, but only the two (Service and Jungle) are associated with the famous Ghurka warriors; the Nepal Army has it's own, as does the Kathmandu Police Dept.
Most Khukuri are farm and industrial implements. The Anghola Panawala is a fine knife designed to cut through thick culms of bamboo. The Chitiwan is a farm implement, but is used a great deal by Carpenters in the high country for use on wood (as in a simple plane). I've watched carpenters use a khukuri to transmute a branch of thigh thickness into a beam for a window in a bit over a four hours. They are marvelous tools and the least of their uses is for war.
I am pleased that so many other people seem to enjoy these knives. I still have my first. (a gift from my father who served with a Ghurka troop in Burma 1942 or so). No need to get angry and defensive. There is a simple joy for Khukuri enthusiasts.
Nepal! Dan Linden

Welcome to BladeForums. I do not own any Khukuris as yet. Please continue to post and let us know about your products. I have visited your web site and would be interested in seeing some prices shown there instead of through email.

There is some pretty sincere emotion vested in Bill's company (HI) here on the forum for several very good reasons. Please read through all the threads so you will understand it all a little better.

All forumites like good steel and good knife companys. There are many expert blademakers and longtime dealers on the forum. If you fit that category, or even if you just like knives I believe you will enjoy it here.

Be very aware though, all dealers are subject to close scrutiny on this forum. What goes around comes around here.

Again, welcome.
Dan, the so called anger was not directed at yourself, but Ossi. He was incorrect in his original post and still is, but tried to use your post as a way to belittle Bill M.'s knowledge of Nepal, it's people and it's tools. I welcome your input and hope that your product is of good quality, for if it helps the people in Nepal, I'm all for it. I just want to be clear on the subject.


Life is short, so fight hard

"Make me wonder about Bill's knowledge about issue khukuris." Ossi

I also take vigorous exception to your comment. It is all the more egregious, when one fails to provide overwhelming evidence,a carefully reasoned argument,and a succinct logic train,especially when one chooses to rudely impeach the character of a man whose product,service,and integrity is well established and beyond reproach on these forums.

Phil <-----<