Still rushed, but Cliff and I have things ironed out. Will post our emails ( may edit for brevity ) so everyone knows the conditions up front, when have more time. Will order the khuk and bolo in next day or two.
Craig, a suggestion on the triple post - you can go back in using the edit on two of the posts and delete most of the contents.

Russ S
Craig, the Cold Steel Gurkha is a decent chopper and will almost match a 15" H.I. Ang Khola chop for chop. It will most certainly beat the khukuri you sold me and the H.I. BAS in chopping performance. However, CS is 100 g heavier than the service models.

The main problem I found was that it tends to get stuck a lot and very tightly. This hurts the my chopping speed. Sometimes I have to bash on the handle to get it free if I was chopping real trees, not 2x4's.

I will check out the handle dimensions (wrote them down somewhere) but I think the BAS handle is about 0.5" longer than the Gurkha House khukuri at a handle length of 4.875".

Thanks for the offer of an exchange or refund. Given the price unless the knife snaps I am reasonably satisfied. A dull khukuri will chop well. Also, I will not hurt my practicing.


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Craig, the CS and Ontario kukris are also carbon steel and will rust just as easily as the Nepalese khukuri's. Except of course for the rust resistant coatings they come with. Actually the CS ghurka Khukuri does not come with a coating either and the ontario has an exposed edge that can start the rust process. Basically care should be taken with all of them when it comes to rust.
My son has an H.I. BAS model khukuri. It is slightly more of a fighting-survival knife, but almost as good a chopper as the 15" Ang Khola. I own different khukuris that I like also, mostly H.I.-- and I have seen Craigs site and others. They all look very good for one reason or another, and I may try to get some of these in the future. My H.I. collection has to be complete before that happens though.


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Repeat posting from other threads: Due to the results of the testing, I put in a new order to Nepal, and it was primarily composed of the WWII and another, heavier model that is the same length as the WWII. These two models will hopefully solve the "handle too short" objections that many of you have had. Of course, the Service Number One will always be available for those of you who prefer it (especially given my inventory of them). I think that the heavier blade will also solve the bending problems found during Cliff's test. As for the occasional chipping that has occured on a couple of the knives, I am pretty sure that they are flukes that, if encountered on future knives, can be rectified by my lifetime warranty.

In all, I am pleased to be a member of this forum and learn from people who know a heck of a lot more about knives than I do. Thank you to Cliff Stamp and Will Kwan and everybody else for giving the new guy on the block a fair shake. I hope that my khukuri's performance will provide an affordable option for those who can't pay the big bucks for a khukuri. In all, I think that given the price difference, my knives are worth while.