Las Vegas Classic Knife Show...Who's Going!

Les Robertson

Oct 10, 1998
Well the Las Vegas Classic Knife Show is this weekend.

The Show is at the Circus Circus Hotel

Jan 17th 4-9 PM
Jan 18th 10 - 6 PM
Jan 19th 10 - 3 PM

Hope to see you there.
Sorry to say i'm not going Les, Good Luck to all winning Ken Onion's raffle that way having the right to buy one of his killer knifes. Hope some of you also are lucky enough to score a Tom Mayo TNT or any of his fine knifes for sure, those makers from Hawaii are TOPS and RED HOT! I know there are a lot of other great makers there too. LOL

Cheers and have Fun!
Sad to say that I'm not making it this year:(
Good luck to all that are going and hope you have a great show.
Looks like it's just you and me, Les.

We got it seller one buyer.

Do I get the "show discount"?

just kidding...;)
Wonder if Les will ignore me again this year when I come over to introduce myself...:(

I'll be there at the Onion lottery with everyone else!!! :)

I am already here...just waiting til Friday. Tix go on sale an hour before the show opens. I will be there , coming straight from work...look for a guy in a tie wearing a large Sebenza in a G2 Horizontal Sheath and also a Blackwood Henchman in an inverted Leather belt holster and that will be me...I will be the one drooling by Neil and Traces tables .:D
I will be there. I am bringing my scooter with me so bring yours too and we can go for a putt after the show!!

FYI, The local Harley shop will rent bikes for a 1/2 day!

Circus Circus has one of the best steakhouses in all of Las Vegas. Forgot the name, but it's in the main hotel building, lower level, down the hall. Ask at the front desk. Great atmosphere, you'd think you're sitting in some east coast place. Have a good show,

Circus Circus has one of the best steakhouses in all of Las Vegas.

That wouldn't be the Pink Poodle would it? While I haven't been there personally, my Mom said it was one of the best she'd been to and even managed to eat half the Prime Rib they served :)
one of the best is the Pullman at Main Street Station downtown. They even have an old railroad car for cigar smoking ! :D
I'll be there! Leaving in 8 Hrs. I've eaten in the steak house in the Circus years ago and it was excellent then also!