Las Vegas Classic Knife Show...Who's Going!

Originally posted by Pete Bransky
Circus Circus has one of the best steakhouses in all of Las Vegas. Forgot the name, but it's in the main hotel building, lower level, down the hall. Ask at the front desk. Great atmosphere, you'd think you're sitting in some east coast place. Have a good show,

Well, I'm going to be there on Friday night, so if anyone wants to join me, be my guest. :D

I'll also be at the Bellagio buffet on Saturday night after the little get-together at R&J Cutlery. :cool:
Heading out about 3:00 am.Got a duty driver so I can enjoy "I-5".Yea right.See you Friday afternoon.
Randy:) :)
I'll be there. Hoping to pickup a timascus TNT from Tom and a Max Velocity from Greg Lightfoot. I'll be there saturday.:cool: :D :eek:
We are here already. Got to meeet up with Neil Blackwood , Trace , Simonich and many others for dinner. These guys are wicked cool...plenty of sweet toys to place with .

Thanks for introducing yourself! :) Guess it was me who was really busy this year ;)