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Les Adams Auto

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Dec 2, 2005
I have a Les adams auto up for trade. The blade is 154CM, 3.5 inches long. Blade tang extends 1/2 inch into the handle. Handle is T6 aluminum. Over all length is 8.5. Knife is serial numbered. The knife is used but not abused. It has a couple small scuffs on the handle. The blade has some scuffs on the logo. Could use sharpening, theres also a little blade play when open but tightening the pivot would cure that.

For trades I'm looking for a Hubertus auto, other traditional style autos no stilettos please and quality slipjoints. I'll also consider fixed blade hunting knives or a Khukuri as well. Would love to find a WW2 dated Khukuri.

Heres some pics. If you need more detailed pics let me know. Email me at selfbow2001@yahoo.com for more info.

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