Let's see.

Just proves how many excellent products you all are putting out!!! Thanks for the update, when looking at the list I'm amazed that all of those have been coming out recently, puts it into perspective. Now if only my pay were to ramp up at the same pace... :)
All those knives..l and I'm on furlough. I'm still keeping my Thermite pre-order, though. Even though that one retailer already has them in stock, I'm not canceling another preorder from this place. I had to when the 770 went to CF AND the furloughs started. But I can get the Thermite, and am anxiously awaiting it.
KAI.... Don't forget the... 566 blackwashed version ;) ;)

The owner of Shepard Custom Concealment wants one and I can't say no to the boss.

Can you?


I mean just look at those eyes!
I am happily married... but if my wife ever found out how much I am spending on ZT knives... I would be out on my rear in no time at all...

*her new dressage saddle costs well over $2000.00... just saying...)
Well the sun will rise and the sun will set.I am always looking out to the horizon.I try to enjoy the time between the horizons at the time goes fast...Thanks for the information.
I'm super stoked for the 0770 and 0566! I'll have to get the 0770 first because I want to make sure I can get the Al version before they switch over to the CF, the 0566 shall follow as soon as I can gather sufficient funds.
Thanks Kai for sharing some info with us again. Just catching up on this thread has me excited. You guys have so much amazing stuff coming out, it's no wonder you're at the top of the food chain.