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Lights and ZTs (or Kershaws)!

All of my flashlights are dead (except one, which I refuse to show to the public)! I've got to get some more batteries Monday.....

My most used combo
Looks like I saw a few ZT0600's here, absolutely love mine, and it would still be in my pocket except the ZT0801 arrived this morning. I still don't have my camera and my phone just can't do the job, so no pics, only the writeup.

So the knife is the ZT0801, while my light( it arrived in the same box with my 801) is a Fenix PD32G2, and am loving it just as much as the knife. Has the clearest beam with no dark spots, and a perfectly round beam to boot. Reflector is smooth, no orange peel, so it has great spot light abilities. Interface is very user friendly with a push switch located on the head that allows you to quickly cycle between the 4 light outputs and holding the switch down gives you a strobe light with 2 flashes.

All in all a very nice combo.:thumbup: