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Limited Edition Buck 110 Ultimate Hunter S35VN / Green Canvas Micarta....SOLD!

Discussion in 'Buck Knives For Sale' started by comoha, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. comoha


    Jan 12, 2006
    DLT Exclusive Buck 110: Unused. Just rode around in my truck console for a year, but never carried or used to cut a thing. Some very light tarnish on one side of the bolsters. Comes with add-on thumbstud. Can not locate the sheath anywhere, sorry. Built like a Sherman tank and needs to go to someone who will use and abuse it.

    DLT Trading Boilerplate:
    Buck 110 Ultimate Hunter
    “The Buck 110GRSOK Ultimate Hunter exclusive is the second edition for 2018 of our extremely popular partnership with Buck Knives and their special projects division. This instant classic features matte green canvas micarta, brushed stainless bolster, a pewter Buck Knives medallion inlay and comes with a distressed black leather belt carry sheath. Oh and by the way…it is in S35VN super steel from Crucible Steel. This American made powder metallurgical steel will stand toe-to-toe with any stainless steel you will find.

    With a modern take on a classic look, we feel this Buck 110 pocket knife may be just the piece your collection has been looking for. Whether you are a collector or a user we think you will agree – this green canvas micarta knife is an incredible folder no matter your use. Proudly made in Post Falls, Idaho USA, exclusively for DLT Trading.”
    7AD1163E-D3FB-4EF9-8A3A-6FCD2709D848.jpeg 13010F39-1995-42C4-9E37-1E4E9AC16B15.jpeg 1E08823E-5527-452F-A643-50BC03063A8F.jpeg 4A23642D-E678-4C00-A21E-4EBEBEC749B9.jpeg
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  2. comoha


    Jan 12, 2006
    Price reduction

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