Livesay Forum?

Another vote for the Wicked Forum! I have (I think) 9 of Newt's knives & & am just about as tickled as I've been with anything I've purchased. I had to replace a Woo because it had been used (girlfriend)to pry linoleum tiles off of the floor & the glue got into the Kydex. Bummer. I have a part-serrated Woo at my folks house so I have one when I visit & don't have to worry about the knives vs. carry-on luggage issue. For a fine little cutter- look into the "Thrasher"- it's like a little skinner- 21/2 or 3" blade (A2 steel?), micarta slabs- smaller #2 handle (I think) & a horizontal mount Kydex belt sheath. One of my all-time favourite knives. Let's hope someone over at WKC has the time to moderate- I'm sure the traffic will be here. Regards to all-
I assumed that the Non Specific Manufacturers Forum was intended to fill this niche.

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Exactly right, SDouglas, that's what it's here for.


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I just ordered a LP and a RTAK frop Newt. I also talked with him at length on the phone about which knife to order. There was never any doubt about the RTAK, but I wanted advice on a concealable knife that could function as a utility blade. He recommended the LP with cord wrap. I am really excited about getting these knives
Although they said it would be two weeks due to the backlog on RTAKs
Anyway He said he has gotten several orders from forum members. I wish I had asked him about getting a forum. Great guy to talk with. I cant wait to get my hands on those knives.


Newt's knives are really used by special forces and others who, unlike me, are much more than weekend backpackers. I'm a "simple is elegant" kind of guy though, and I love working with large knives on local brush. I've been playing with cheap machete's for a long time, but got a Livesay RCM about 3 months ago and used it extensively around here throughout the summer. I love it! I have an Air Assault as well, a great general purpose camp knife, and a small assortment of Newt's neck knives (a few of which he has sent me as thanks for buying his bigger knives).

I think Newt has been known to the special forces community for some time now (his half brother is (or was) in SF). I think he's just being discovered by the rest of the custom knife buying community and I'm very happy for him as he well deserves it. His knives are simple but well fitted and sold at useable prices... Just the sort of customs I go for!