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LN Canon 1V/HS with lots of Accesories

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Sep 29, 2005
Asking $800.00 You are buying all like new:
1) LN Canon 1V USA with Box with Box, Warranty & all manual.
2) LN Canon PB-E2 Booster with Box, Warranty & all manual.
3) NP-E2 Battery, less than 10 charge cycle
4) NC-E2 Battery Charger
5) Extra MB-E2 AA battery holder Boxes with Warranty Brand New.
6) Extra Ec-B split focus screen kit best screen to work lens manually.
7) Canon leather side palm strap for secure holding.

All equipment are originally purchased from B&H NYC brand new. I am original owner. Everything was over $2200 in value. I am mainly Nikon user. I bought Canon equipment back then was because of the curiousity of 45 focus pt in 1V & 10fps/with PB-E2 that my F5 cannot achieve. Its a habit thing that I still pickup Nikon more than Canon due to more lens from Nikon, so my 1VHS wasn't get to use much after. (what a waste right, and yet, I did not see the digital era coming.)

Own over 10 Nikkor lenses, a complete lens line, I think it is smarter to have just one system.

I am also a ebay seller under ID: wuyeah.
With 100% rating feedback. Mainly selling camera equipment, please welcome to check. I am here for now trying to save some listing fee. If not successful will put this on ebay.

If you have question Please email to: wuyeah@yahoo.com
Most ppl say film is dead, and you will hear me say "maybe" (to skip the argument) but what I really think is, film will never die!

Why? because we are human! Human character is that we will get bored, cuz shooting digital is making photo shooting way too easy. For ppl who truely love photography, (consumer buy digital SLR to shoot cats & kids doesn't count), will want to go back to film to challenge themselves to see how good they really are! You can take good photo with film, you can take on everything.

Because Film is all about process, Digital is all about result. Canon Digital is booming so all these lenses are fully competiable with this 1V/HS. Not to forget, 1V/HS still is the fastest film camera with most advance technology, top of line from Canon over past 16 yrs (first introduced in 1990 i think. mine is 3yrs old, in safe). Even recent Nikon newest F6 cannot up match with 16 years old 1V/HS. Yet, F6 design concept is orgin from Canon 1V/HS. (you can say its direct copy) Nikon F6 is not a camera follow the F tradition.

I say too much, but I would recommand anyone who interested in photography to keep 1 good film body. Not only film won't die, machanical camera will last longer than any digital camera.

Now you all know I am actually a camera nut than a knife nut. I love my camera. If wasn't for my new knife collect hobbit, I will never sell my camera.
Some pictures shot by my cell phone due to break down of my Canon S400:


I am not sure how much u all know 1V. So let me explain. 1VHS will be different box, it is total black. u will loose the option to change back to 1V (no booster).
However, buying 1V + HS booster, u will hv original side handle with very same booster from 1VHS. I will say this is the most ultimate solution for 1V. the 1V original side handle is stored in the box, i am just lazy to take out.

showing u camera with perfect setup condition to make pretty, that is easy. showing camera in poor shooting condition and still show u it is perfectly LN, that means, it is truely LIKE NEW. Do I making some sense?

From my cell phone picture, look at the bottom of camera, it shows no mark of tripod mount mark, no wear from side. This truely proof it is Like New. u see on a lot of ebay selling, it will show marks from
camera base in most case, cuz ppl set it down to wrong place or due to heavy use etc. This camera is clean inside out. Fully function garantee.

picture showing all the boxed, i am sure u cans see 1V box and booster box and other Canon boxes.

If u still think those pic can't tell it is like new, i will hv to borrow my friends Point to shoot camera to proof you farther.

Let me know.

p.s. I also have only 2 Canon lens. All like new.
1) 24-70mm 2.8 L
2) 135 2.0L
They are the best L lens on the market. 135mmL is proven to be sharpest L lens among L line, even better with 70-200mm L IS. 24-70mmL is most popular L by PJ and Wedding PRO shooter.

Lens will not up selling until Camera body is sold. Simply these L lens are easy to sell in their condition. Plus, I will look stupid to hv camera body and got no lens to mount on:p