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Lnib Surefire Hellfire Hellfighter

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Jul 6, 2009
i don't know much about this i got it in a huge trade i know it works and comes with manual, case, mount, cables, light, Ir filter, if your interested i will answer any questions to the best i can, or take pictures of what you wanna see. as far as trades go looking for nice watch, guns, optics, gold, silver, knives strider, yuna, chris reeve, hinderer, maybe others i cant think of just offer worst i can say is no might be willing to trade towards car truck dirt bike or quad depending on where your located. i also can add cash and knives and military gear like armor ruck sacks to the right trade here are some pics http://s923.photobucket.com/albums/ad78/tslater619/surefire/

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What does it come with? I mean would it be easy to just toss on a 12v battery or do you need a connection kit?
it has all the cables it attaches to military 5590 batteries or plug into a 12v plug on a car so i would imagine there is other ways to power it from what i read it will run off 1 or 2 5590 batteries
If its still available,are there any specific firearms you are looking to trade for? I also have a Tissot T Touch watch I'll consider, as well as a 100 year old Gold "American Watch Company" pocket watch. Email me at BustaCrook@Gmail.Com and maybe I'll have something that will suffice. Thanks.
all right finally got a break in training and was able to get some good pics got some offers some better then others but still not what i looking for
I used one for a year in Iraq. this light is the mother of all lights,, I am really curious how you got one, The light is like 5k cables are like 1500 and the bracket is around 300..it is made for a M2 50cal.. I think there is a mount for a mark 19, the one i used also had a IR filter that attaches to it...did i mention this this thing has like 3000+ lumens, there r 2 cables from what i understand one has a plug for like a cigarette lighter( never saw that one) the other connects to 2 of the big singars batteries. like i said it was my baby for a year on my 50, its an amazing piece of equipment, rain sand dont bother it either,, yall got any ?s id be glad to talk bout it..