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Log Cabin Sport Shop: excellent service

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Nov 29, 2000
I was looking for an good on-line retailer of the H&B Forge Shawnee tomahawk.
While I was searching the net, I found the Log Cabin Sport Shop at

They appeared to be both a real store and on-line retailer for a variety of products.
I searched here for some feedback on them, but could not find any. They looked like honest business to me, so I took a chance.
They suggest that future customers require about the availability of the items intended to order, so last week I required about the Sahwnee hawk, a sheath and replacement handle both by e-mail and phone.
I got response to my e-mail and had a nice conversation with both a gentleman in the shop and a lady in the office, who informed me that they were out of stock at that time, but they are expecting new shipment any time, and will immediately inform me if the shipment arrived.

Within few days I was notified by them that the shipment indeed arrived, and also that there was a small price increase for both the hawk and the sheath, and let it to me if I wanted to order the hawk.
The price seemed to me good even with the increase, so I went ahead and placed an order last Friday.

My order was shipped Monday, I was e-mailed my UPS tracking number, and the package arrived on time today.

I was provided with an excellent customer service from the people at Log Cabin Sport Shop, and wanted to share my experience with you, fellow forumites.

This business seems to be specializing in reenactment/black powder shooting/rifle building items, so folks interested in those might take a look at them too.

I see, that they still show the old prices for bith the hawk and the sheath, but I guess it might take some time to correct that on the web-page, especially if their main focus is on the actual shop.
Edited to add: I discovered tucked between the packing material a 10 page price list correction, affecting all categories of items sold by the shop. It contains more than 1000 items listed, so now I understand that it might take some time to correct the prices listed on their web site.

I have only the names of two ladies I got e-mails from: Sherry and Liza, but I would like to thank all the folks at Log Cabin Sport Shop who might have contributed to my nice experience.