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Lots of great customs from BladeForums makers - all new

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Jan 13, 2007
Well, it finally happened - I got read the Riot Act over the number of knives in the house now that we have a baby daughter - and I will be selling off much of my collection in stages. These are all things I didn't think I'd be letting go.

All are in perfectly new condition, unless otherwise mentioned - if you're seeing marks on the blade, that's just protectant.

Prices are net to me (your choice of payment - doesn't have to be PP - but you cover any fees involved) and include shipping in the US (from DC). For knives bought and paid for this weekend, I'll try to get them sent by Monday so they should still have lots of time to arrive by Christmas.

Giedymin's Big Blades: Maverick - Hidden tang - Gentleman Fighter $300 SOLD
Steel/thickness: NCV1/4,8mm - ~80CrV2/0.200"
Blade length/ Overall lengthi: 21/33,5 cm - 8.200"/13.200"
Handle materials: Arizona Desert Ironwood [NB: this is the original information from the maker. To me, it looks more like ebony or blackwood, but ironwood can be very variable] / SS
Blade finish/handle finish: Hand rubbed 1000 satin finish/1000 satin finish
Weight: 230g - 8.130 oz
Others: Double edged, through tang construction
COB: 0.200" in front of the guard. No steath.
Better pictures on original sales thread: https://www.bladeforums.com/threads/8-blade-fighter-adi-handle.1578069/

Joe Mandt 11" Gyuto. Extremely fine ladder damascus - so fine, it's difficult to photograph. Redwood burl handle with ram's horn bolster. Comes with wooden saya. $375



Robert Erickson damascus hunter. Amoboynia burl handle with blackwood bolster, tapered tang and G10 pins. $200. Blade and handle are both about 5" in length


McAhron 5" 3V balisong, with G10 over ti handles. $275. Here's one you won't see every day!

Richard Mok (RMoK) 12" bowie in s35vn with buckeye burl handle slabs. Made from thick steel stock (probably around 0.35") and convex ground. No sheath. This knife is featured on Richard's Facebook page, so you can assume he was proud of it. $240

Waterstones 9" 3V blade from 0.2" stock. Natural canvas micarta handles with red liners. $250. Very versatile large field knife.

Shaerk's Knives Mook. 5" cutting edge, 0.2" 3V, but tapering to a good point. Coffee bag micarta handle with blue and gray G10 liners. $200. Very versatile blade.

Joshua Gallardo AEBL gentleman's fixed blade. Handle is oak burl and green micarta, with a multicolored micarta spacer and black and white liners. Cutting edge length 3"; total length 7". $150


Gravelle Knives BIC. 5" 3V blade from around 0.20" stock. Black canvas micarta handle. A compact powerhouse with a lot of versatility. $180.

Ryan W CruForge V san mai chopper. $400.
Both very functional (handle allows detail and power work) and beautiful. Full details and better pictures in this thread:


Dan Graves Spanish notch fighter. 9.5" tight ladder damascus blade. Warthog tusk handle. No sheath. $290

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Burton Knives Harley Davidson Hunter. 5" blade of damascus made from a Harley Davidson drive chain, tapering to a thin point. Stag handle with rose brass guard and desert ironwood butt cap (a really nice and rare feature). Really lovely craftsmanship on this, and the sheath is very high quality too. $240. SOLD


Todor Hristov 8" dagger. $235
Full details in this thread:

Larry Withrow san mai combat knife. 6.5" blade in san mai with W2 core. Sycamore handle, with blackwood and red spacers, brass guard and stainless butt cap. No sheath. $260.

Adam Kornalski (Jamall) Knives Agor. 6" blade in 3/16" thick M390. Textured black G10 handle. $170. A couple of light sheathing marks. SOLD

Adam Kornalski (Jamall) Knives Bowie. 7" blade in 3/16" thick Elmax. Green canvas micarta handle. $170. A few sheathing marks.

Adam Kornalski (Jamall) Knives 6" blade in 3/16" thick Vanadis 10. Contoured black G10 handle. $170.


Daniel Koster 3V Bushmaster with custom Al Welke sheath. I love the ample handle on this knife, but the fact that the tang is skeletonized, so that it is still very well balanced. Very versatile 5" blade with 4.5" cutting edge. $170 SOLD

J. Woytaz EDC fixed blade. 3" blade from 1/8" O1 steel, grey G10 handle with lightning strike CF bolster. $110. Very handy and good looking knife.

Garrison Knives, CPM-10V. This is a real pocket slicer. Blade is about 3.5" long, from around 1/8" stock. $70.
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I can see what your wife is saying but not that I agree with her, LOL. Great deals here, GLWS!
I'll take the Giedymin fighter and Kornalski in M390, please. Thanks
I was told by the Seller the Alan Davis Knife does not exist, and should not have been listed for sale.

Yes, this was my mistake - I accidentally re-listed a knife that was already sold in an earlier thread, and didn't realize until I went to dig it out of the box, and found it wasn't there. I've removed it, and updated the thread to show what's already sold.
Hi! I'm interested in the Todor Hristov dagger if it is still available!