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Lube drys fast

I notice this as well, though it usually takes about a week or two.

What do you use for lube?
i use reel lube from my fishing reels....1 month? damn..im going to have to try that
i use reel lube from my fishing reels....1 month? damn..im going to have to try that

Don't put too much or you'll make a mess, i found that it works better if you just lube the side of the bushing that touches the blade and make sure the other side is clean. Use a little Q-Tip to apply lube.
Weird, I use either militec or the CRK grease and it stays lubed until I take it apart and relube it.
It says that stuff is waterproof, does that mean you can rinse your knife under water and the lube won't disappear? Usually I have to relube after rinsing my Sebenza.
I use and recommend TufGlide by Sentry Solutions. Like Militec-1, it is a dry lube, designed for metal to metal contact.
$10 bucks is expensive! whatcha smokin?

besides if your inexpensive lube dries out evey two days how much does that cost in terms of dealing with it?
I use the CRK lube(greese). I took mine apart shortly after (week) lubeing it, because it looked like there was no lube on it. I observed it closely and found it was still lubed, it just "looked" dry. I am sticking with the CRK.
I don't think that the CRK lube is that expensive. I have one that I've had a couple years. Plus it comes in a syringe for easy application!;)
I've been happy using Brian Enos's "Slide-Glide Lite", though I admit I've yet to try the CRK lube.
Tuff-Glide and Miltec1 is what I've been using, and like Dave H it stays lubed until I take it apart. You can get some RemOil at your local Wal-Mart for little jack and it does a good job and the bottle will last a while. The CRK lube is your best bet and it does last a long time so it is worth the cost.
I've been using Militec and it seems to work great. Must relube about once every 3 months or so. Just use a little.