Lust and Nuts about Khukuris

Oct 28, 2000
So our erstwhile HI Head of Research has deemed everyone to either be nuts about khukuris or lusting after them...

Myself, I admit, in my heart, to lust after khukuris....
(shades of Jimmy Carter!)

*pin drop*

Please pray for my salivation....


Dear Harry,
wait till the dreams start. Last night I was perusing a stack of khukuris, looking for a nice sirupati, I picked one and was accosted by a man with a samurai sword, who proceeded to test the one against the other for edge toughness. Unfortunately the samurai sword won in the dream.
This is too much...waking up is so dissapointing when you discover your dream khuks have vanished. Obsessive? compulsive? mental illness? who cares as long as you can afford to buy the khuks (which I can't!).

Jeff&Miss K.
I do not lust for more khukuri's. I lust for the opportunity and time to get out and use them.

It always gets me how some people carry on so much about Katana, yet while there is so much positive sentiment all over the place...things like how not all katana are masterpieces, and there are just as many bad ones as good ones, and the fact that a Samurai straightening his sword on the battlefield was a common sight-are not that well known.

Whether it is the Japanese or the Western who have fabricated all the "stuff" about katana, I am starting to get a little sick of nihonto, mostly because of the people that tend to surround it...they are usually more about the sentiments than they are about the swords...and that is unfortunate...

You know if the kamis could and would duplicate that large Bowie on the bottom left in the bttom pic we wouldn't need a Bowie model.

I would be perfectly happy with one like that.
And I would be ecstatically happy if I could have the one in the pic!!!!

But then again I would probably feel about it the same way I feel about my old WW II model and not put it too use so I guess we will need the model anyway.


Indin word for lousy hunter.

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Never noticed that Bowie, either.

That's an indigenous Nepali knife? What do they call it?

I do like the look of it. I'm a sucker for a recurve. But I'd want the blade a tad shorter than it looks there. 9-10" is good for me.
Oh, yeah . . . speaking of tools that cross cultures. Any word on those Nepali tomahawks, Uncle?
[insert salivating emoticon here]
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">...

Click the link and scroll down to the 7th pix ...</font>
Pakcik Bill & Fellow Forumites.

What are the length of khuks in those picts?

Pict 1: 16 1/2"
Pict 2: 15"
Pict 3: 17 1/2"
Pict 4: 17 1/2"
Pict 5: 19"
Pict 6: 15"
Pict 7: 17 1/2"
Pict 8: No Khuk
Pict 9: Left Pict 22" Right Pict 24"

It seems Gorkha bring along different sizes of Khuk in action ... am I right?


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The trouble is the katana has been plugged in lads of films. In the present trend for films such as Pearl Harbour, Saving Private Ryan, Colditz, etc etc isn't it about time someone made a film with Gorkhas as the stars? imagine a cracking good war film, set in the jungle, loads of suspense, and LOADS of Khukuris being used in action scenes. This would make the Khukuris very very popular, and would certainly open peoples eyes to how much the Gorkhas did in the war.
I stand by my statement"Nuts"! Good news!
Blues,Vince & others have gone to the Blade Show, now others can get the UBDOTD! A friend of mine is a serious Katana collector,after hearing him go on & on about Kat's I HAD ENOUGH!I told him they weren't so great.Pointed out to him,"If they are so great, how come Musas.(Jap. Sword Saint)carved one out of wood to use on the way to a fight"?Told him "HE" HAD MORE FAITH IN WOOD!he was speachless, then started laughing, shook his head & said,"You got me"!
I'll take a Hi K!Do to Research,have to get more light in this Cave,gotta keep it a secret so "they"don't get my Research K's!
Sorry to p#$$ in your Wheaties, Jim, but I'm not leaving until tomorrow!!!


Now, back, I say back in your cave!!!


Live Free or Die

Blues' Knife Pix

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Katanas and Kuks were developed for two purposes. Katanas, as a weapon, Kuks as a tool. However, when a kuk is used as a weapon it is extremely effective because of the weight and the forward curve. A Katana is not ment to sheer down forests or split logs for winter. It is ment to cut flesh, human flesh, both comeing and going. Can a Kuk sheer through flesh, you bet your butt. But it will never be as quick, or have the reach of a katana. The length is needed for getting out of the way of another human and also gives the user lots of leverage to achieve lots of power in a little stroke capable of severing limbs. This length is also the Katana's weakness. The longer you make a sword, the weaker it will be at the desired thickness. The thicker you make a sword the more force it takes to use effectively. Has the lore of the katana gotten out of control, yes I think so. Hollywood really has over hyped the Katana in their productions. The secret of any weapon is in it's user, not the weapon. (I, personally, like useing my hands. If I need a weapon I will find a stick.)
And so we come to the Gorkhas, the great fighters of Nepal. They do not train with their chosen weapon, but instead are born with it and use it their entire life. Both the Gorkas and the Samurai are Warrior spirits, and I think they belong in that category along with many others. Do I own a Katana? No, Maybe some day i will place that order from HI, but I will never expect it to cut through steel drums, or sheer through trees, or take my entire weight laterally on the blade surface. Until then I will have to enjoy the company of the 2 kuks I currently own, and let me tell you, they have lived up to their reputation.
Will agree on most of your observations
except one! I think the Kuk is faster ,due to it's size & the range !Wouldn't want to test this theory either way!Have seen & held some really "old"Kats. think they are really interesting but if I had to choose I'd take a K, force the other person to fight my fight!But what do I know,I'm just a poor very old & slow Researcher!