Lust and Nuts about Khukuris

I was just making an observation.
When it comes to combat you are better off with something you like. Whether it is a Kuk or a Kat, confidence can make all the difference.
If I had to kill (a very big IF) I would choose my Remington 870 and my Glock 19. I would also want a Kuk on my side instead of a Kat. Unless you are using a Katana exclusively it becomes a real pain in the butt. My 20" Kobra is a much better companion either strapped to your side or a pack.
I agree on the katanas, I've heard some of the same things. They're incredible weapons, but not good for much else. I'd love to own an old Japanese one, though.

I also loved that picture of the gorkha with a Thompson AND a khukuri. That's a guy one wouldn't want to run into on a battlefield.