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M.S.C. Nightmare and some other stuff for trade

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Nov 30, 2002
Strider Custom Nightmare Recurve AR (black slabs)
Strider Ar (green slabs) - this one might be gone folks
Microtech Halo II and III (both blades are bead blasted)
Strider MG (green cord wrap)
Strider BT (black cord, black soe sheath and kydex sheath)

Looking for :
Darrell Ralph Gunhammer EDC-MT
Strider fixed blade with Gunner Grips (any non tanto)
Strider Mark 1 Mod 10
Simonich Raven
Strider or F/S HAK
Zero Tolerance 0100
CRK Sebenza Tanto
Pretty Much in that order.
Im open to other offers if something catches my eye. Otf's a +

Pm or email me at Darkestthicket@yahoo.com if you are interested in a trade :)
got a microtech Ultratech double edge with all black handle and titan coated blade. got it in Oct and never carried or used. Box case and paperwork.