Tinkered a bit with this today. Unfortunately the eyelets I have are too short to rivet the sheath that David made, and the cord wrap hinders the fit of the kydex. I began construction of a sheath from the HDPE I have here, but completion was delayed by not being able to find my tapestry needles. A trip to the sewing section is in order.
Did you try a few of the eyelets that I sent with the knife?

The knife does perform well, tinfoil hat timmy tinfoil hat timmy 's cord wrap is excellent, and the edge put on by 000Robert 000Robert is of highest quality. The light weight and excellent geometry on this would definitely suit it for a backpacking knife, and it cuts cardboard like it isn't there.
The M2 steel does hold an edge well. After cutting on the oak for several minutes the blade would still cut printer paper. After I sharpened her up the last time, I cut several slices of cardboard to make sure that I got the burr off. The M2 steel produces a very pronounced burr that is easy to feel.
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Almost embarrassed to post this up, but I was able to knock together a sheath today. Had some trouble with the waxed linen thread breaking so I just used that to stitch in the welt and used paracord to stitch the handle portion.

It's no Sharp & Fiery Sharp & Fiery sheath, but it should suffice to carry the knife.

Looks like it works though! :)
Got a report from the recent buddy I made a coon skinner blade for. I sent David those pics privately, so I wouldn't clutter up his thread here....

My co-worker cleaned one deer, 2 turkeys, and 13 racoons before he felt it could use a touch up. He said he is hard on knives, going into lots of bone, and cutting into the skulls. He said he could of waited longer, but touched it up with just a few swipes. He was all smiles, said he's never seen knife steel stay That sharp before. He wants a few more knives. I might trade him for some fish? Or something.

*just proof that this steel/heat treatment is pretty amazing.