M43/Budhume Hybrid Photos :)

Feb 17, 2001
I have always liked the M43 style for it's graceful curved spine moving into a point and the belly of a Budhume Khukuri. So this is my interpretation of a hybrid.

OAL is 17" (16 1/2" on the model)
Drop is 3 5/8"
Beerbelly is 3 3/16"
Thickness at the ricasso is 3/8" increasing to 7/16"
Weight is 2 1/2 Lbs.
No karda or chakma
All steel mounted furniture :)

This was forged by the KNN who did exactly what was asked of him/them and followed with precision the shameful excuse for a model I sent HI. A quick note, the weight is heavy due soley to an error on my part. Had I asked for the blade to be 1/4" at it's thickest, it would have put the weight around 1 1/2 Lbs. Yet the center of balance feels closer to the hand than the 18" WWII pictured with it (the triangles mark the balance points of each). So this Khukuri maneuvers quite well as it cuts through the air (not nose heavy). Maybe in the future there will be another made just like, but thinner, 'sort of a Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy pair :D These photos are of poor quality (cheap digital camera, but was very lucky to have found someone with one at all) and have been touched up as best I could with Ulead PhotoImpact 6 software. That white paper cutout is the template used for building the model. Amazing how close the Khukuri parallels it (the paper placed over the blade kept sliding down a little on the handle area, so don't think the KNN was off there, 'cuz he wasn't). Scabbard is huge in comparison to what I'm used to.


but in a cute kinda way. My first thought was that it's neat looking, than I thought about how wierd it would like in somebody's hand.
I'm interested in the field report though. Now you need to get something big and nasty like a GRS, or 20" AK to compare it to. :D

Reminds me of a pregnant YCS....or the offspring of a YCS and a GRS.

:eek: :confused: :barf:

Maybe we should breed Rusty's Audry with it to see what happens?!?;):p :p
Per Audrey:

"I don't want him, you can have him, he's too fat for me!"

Audrey is not big on tact.
I don't know - Like a roly-poly bulldog puppy, so ugly it's cute :) Like a bulldog, I'll bet its bite is worse than its bark:eek:
I think it is pretty cool, looks tough to sharpen though. I prefer a bit less belly, mine is big enough.:)
Audrey's opinion aside, I kinda like the big fella'a looks. If you haven't already named him, may I suggest "Beefy".
The khukuri looks very similar to the old Cold Steel ATC (an LTC on steriods). It should cut extremely well.

The concept reminds me of the Puma "White Hunter". Made to cut or chop or dig or hammer. Great to have in a truck or bush plane.

As long as you don't have to carry it on foot too far. :)
Hi Bill, Interesting blade, not for me I prefer a straighter and less bellied blade. But I would imagine that she (or he) would chop like the wind. With that much curve and weight you're getting into the world of axes. Your Kuks SHORRE AR SHINEY!! Variety is the spice of life, shes COOL.:cool: :cool:
Tough crowd! I really like the looks of the blade. If the handle had a little more curve I would love to own one, actually I would love to own one regardless of the handle curve ;). By the way that finish looks great.
I read a thing from a while ago where Yvsa made his own curved handle. He said something about now appreciating why they stopped making them that way; of course due to the tang and other assorted things. Well, here's my idea, a curved chiruwa handle. Plausible, and more feasible than the rattail???
A great example of a really "classic" and "Classy" Khukuri,IMO.:D
But then I'm the one who likes the unusual and the exotic over the more standard offerings of the knife world.
I like it too. I'm not sure that I'd want to own it, since I tend to prefer them a bit lighter than that, but I like the looks of it. I'd guess that it would be great for the "heavy khuk" crowd, though. I'm with RonS. I wouldn't want to carry it around all the time, either. It does look like a great chopper.