M43/Budhume Hybrid Photos :)

Bill wanted the knife bad enough to make a cardboard model and supply some specs for a special order. The profile came out nearly exact but it came in heavier than we wanted.
Will Kwan... you know, your absolutely correct, it does look alot like the old CS ATC (I used to own one), didn't notice it before you mentioned it. But I swear, I did not look at any photos of that blade when I designed the model. Just photos of M43s and Budhumes from the John Powell collection. 'Must have had a flashback (ate too many Crayola Crayons in my youth or something :D ).

When HI recieved the model, it had a note attached to it that read "Its OK to laugh at this model Uncle Bill, because I'm quite sure the Kamis will will stop, take a cigarette break and do the same when they see it". As stated, it was just painted cardboard! The KNN did outstanding work forging this Khukuri. It cannot be stressed enough how closely it follows the model (see template over blade pix). The extra weight is soley a result of my not thinking the design through well enough. The Kamis built it exactly to the specs I submitted :)

Wish there could be a field report to go along with these pix, but its just not feasible in urban LasVegas :( Humphhf... I wonder if Sprint would believe an anonymous rumor that beavers were responsible for the damage to their telephone poles?
I think that looks like a heck of a knife. (I have a real soft spot for the odd ball one :)

This coming form the guy who ordered a Janwar Katne...
Give it an Italian name, Fausto. There's something about a Nepali khukuri with an Italian name that gets close to my heart.